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Informal conversations between Sri Aurobindo and his disciples during two periods: — and — Thoughts and Aphorisms quantity. Description Excerpts Links Additional information Reviews 0 Description Over five hundred aphorisms on works, knowledge and devotion, written with a startling disregard for conventional morality to emphasise how spiritual matters cannot be judged with the ethical mind. Additional information ISBN Reviews There are no reviews yet.

Will be back though! Been a busy couple of days in Lower Saxony — seeing deer in Tiergarten in Hannover, wonderful architecture in Goslar.

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First up — found an excellent craft beer store. Now, your mainstream beer is generally good in Germany — their lagers are well made, weisse beers are very easy to find, even some bocks and above pop up regularly. However, it is good to see that now on top of all that, there is a craft range available and Craft Beer Kontor in Hannover had a jaw dropping range. Huge amount of imports, and a very good showing of the local scene as well — right down to a good range of beers from Hannover and the surrounding area — even better it has two taps on site.

The people running it were very helpful — my only regret is not having room to bring back more beer. Also they gave me some useful information about the second big beer news recently. Got to go to Goslar and try gose beer in the city it was born in.

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The ones I tried were a lot less sour than I would have expected if I had not been warned by the owner of Kontor. Apparently, Goslar consider the Leipzig version to be based on what Goslar exported, and it was slightly soured by the time it got to then. They hold the original, as their version reflects, was a sweeter wheat based beer with the salt and spice providing the unusual elements rather than full on sourness. Will talk more when I do my notes when I get back on how well the beer worked.

Anyway, only a couple of days left — Will have normal notes up soon. Until then, enjoy your drink! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Currently in Germany on holiday. But, of course you are here for the drink thoughts — found a lovely place to eat and drink in Hanover — Kleines Museum Restaurant. Also managed to try Paulaner Salvator on tap — full notes to come, but it seems much fuller bodied spice than the bottled version I get in the UK. Hoping to hit Goslar over the next few days and try Gose in the town of its birth.

Apart from that been busy sightseeing in Hanover and Celle — enjoying a lot of good German meat and the fact they have apple strudel available at breakfast which makes me a very happy bunny. I have done notes on Born To Die before, but they have tweaked it a bit recently — upping the abv to 9. So, I figured I would see what the difference is.

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Thing is, having tried it, it seems very similar to the prior ones, and I mean very similar. Something a bit different today, I am doing first impressions rather than full notes. So, more a state of play than anything else, but I figured the chance to do a glance on these should not be passed up. Nose: Banana. Walnut cake. Still alcohol touched but smoother. Sugar dusting. Body: Sweet toffee.

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Sherried Raisins. Mild alcohol presence. Water makes thick and viscous. First Impressions: So, what I guess will be the next boarders release is here. Good news — the cardboard and rough elements are way down. Still a few notes when neat, but fair sorted out with water. It is much fruitier, but in a selective way — the Oloroso sherry oak is doing good work here bringing out lots of raisins and such like. Oddly it means that the brighter fruit single grain flavours are nigh completely lost. Instead it gains a real thick, treacle, spiced and sherried trifle expression.

It is a bit one note but intense. Water is still needed, but less so and to better effect. It needs a bit more time in the oak for balance I feel — to hopefully give more subtlety- there are hints of walnut and soothing fudge now, but I feel with a bit more time it could build up to become something very nice.

As is, it is like being shot out of a cannon — a heck of an experience, but needs the rest of the elements to make a while show. Finish: Rose wine. Cherry pocked biscuits. Some smoke and menthol. Water brings malt chocolate, fudge and slight dried beef. Conclusion: Now this definitely follows on from the While We Wait — it has the similar rose wine and cherry pocked biscuit character that makes me as sure as I can be that it is the inheritor to its mantle.

It is slightly smoother, and even neat this is more recognisably whisky like that its precursor. It seems more complex as well, slight smoke darker notes, slight orange zest lighter notes — more is coming out of the fray. Unlike the precursor I think I would return to this — the alcohol could do with some smoothing, but considering this is a high strength whisky I can give it some room on that. Another good bit of progress. Worth trying as is, and again, signs of good things to come.

Well, that has been a hell of a few days to round this off.

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It feels like Sweden takes full advantage of its placement to get in lots of imported beers, but seems to have a very solid batch of local brews. Now in Stockholm where we had the most surprising alcohol experience of the trip. Grona Lund theme park has a restaurant nestled away in the walkways that has a great whisky selection that includes Octomore, 21 year Balvenie and more.

Pretty much the last thing I expected in the park. Actually the last thing I expected was the sushi and sashimi starters they served at that place, but the whisky came a close second.

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Also hit the legendary Akkurat in Stockholm. Stockholm seems packed with bars, and I wish I had more time to explore them all. Akkurat more than lived up to its reputation. Packed to the gills even on a Sunday night, great tap selection that really showed off the Sweden scene, including some real ale hand pumps. Plus some very rare and very expensive vintage ales. Some of which will be showing up in the tasting notes over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on the blog.

Was a packed night with a great band playing, a Swedish guy buying us beer to try as he enjoyed it so much, discussions with Russian teachers beside us. Fantastic times. Doing a bit more culture stuff today before heading home. A useful term.

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No full notes, just a quick set of imagery. It was free at an all you can eat buffet, with free refills.

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Surely a good sign, no? At a powerful 2. A whiff of rubber on approach, light to the eye, a sip of chalk and soda streams, leading out into painful, tongue scraping cardboard and chalk mix. Hopefully better beer news tonight. Out to sample some more local beers.