Beyond the Edge

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If you have found yourself here, you are being called on a journey of self-discovery and self-leadership. The destination?

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To stand as your true self with courage and resiliency, so you may share your gifts with the world. We tend believe our own stories are reality.

Beyond the Edge

We listen to our own self-talk as it limits us with feelings of guilt, shame, confusion, and fear. These voices cause internal dis-ease and hold us in behavioral patterns we may not even be aware of.

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Through a process of becoming aware of our stories, we can be released from them. We can begin to hear the voice of our own authenticity, the voice of our true self that dares to explore beyond the edge of our status quo. This is the road to change.

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  • I've become aware of the need for a setting where people can feel comfortable exploring their relationship to themselves and the world around them. Concurrently, the world seems more fearful and divisive, and more compassionate and conscious.

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    People are experiencing stress and confusion, and desire understanding and tools for resilience. This 8-week workshop will explore how mindfulness practices and open curiosity can make us more self-aware, more compassionate, and more resilient. Yoga is a practice designed to bring unity to our mind, body, and spirit.

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    Beyond The Edge

    Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the page's listing. It was originally thought that hyperspace travel outside the galaxy was impossible because of a hyperspace disturbance at the edge of the galaxy. The goal of the Outbound Flight Project was to use the combined abilities of six Jedi Masters and twelve Jedi Knights to penetrate the disturbance using the Force.

    The Yuuzhan Vong found that they were able to bypass it at an area they called Vector Prime. Add to Collections.

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