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Eventually realizing that the others would never see things the way he did, Sargeras stormed off, and never returned. While the titans continued their work, Sargeras meditated on the fate of the cosmos in isolation. Fear, doubt and despair overwhelmed him, and he eventually came to the conclusion that the only way to spare the fundamentally flawed universe from the void lords was to purge it all of life.

Thus began the Burning Crusade. The fallen titan knew that he would need an army to accomplish this, and so he traveled to Mardum, which had become bloated and twisted with fel energies over the eons. Sargeras instantly shattered the prison world, unleashing its countless demonic inhabitants onto the cosmos and creating an explosion of fel energies so powerful that it warped his form into a horrific being of blistering hatred. In the process of destroying the prison world, the fallen titan had also ripped open a wound in the boundaries between the Nether and the Great Dark , creating a great burning maw of emerald fire that would remain an eternal reminder of the titan's betrayal for all time.

Sargeras then imbued the ravenous demon hordes before him with his power, granting them increased size or intelligence, before offering them a simple choice: join his cause or be destroyed. In answer to the challenge, Sargeras forged a great felsteel scythe from the fires of Mardum's destruction, using it to harvest the souls of the rebellious demons and trapping them in a new prison. Ulthalesh, strongest in will, was the last to be devoured. Sargeras named the scythe, later known as Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester , after the nathrezim who had opposed him, and would over the ages bestow the weapon to nathrezim, doomlords and even demigods , only to see their spirits be devoured by the scythe as they fell.

Champion in the Darkness: The Champion Trilogy

With the rebellious demons annihilated, Sargeras had his Burning Legion formed. The army fell upon its first world, extinguishing several mortal civilizations and sentient species. Sargeras himself annihilated the constellar who had been assigned to watch over the planet. Aggramar, Sargeras' former student, was the first to learn of the constellar's death and arrived to confront his former master. He demanded an explanation from Sargeras, but when he realized that his words would not sway him, Aggramar challenged the fallen titan to single combat.

The battle between the two raged until, in an explosion of fel and arcane power, both of the combatants' blades shattered. Heavily wounded, Aggramar retreated and informed the Pantheon of Sargeras' betrayal.

The Pantheon and the Legion, both girded for war, confronted one another near a planet called Nihilam. Aman'Thul , the Highfather of the Pantheon, pleaded with Sargeras to abandon his mad cause, telling him of a distant world-soul called Azeroth who would one day be powerful enough to challenge the void lords. Sargeras listened closely but was unmoved. Despite their earlier battle, Aggramar then made one last attempt to reason with Sargeras. He approached his former tutor, unarmed, trying to persuade him by recounting tales of the glorious battles the two had fought.

But Sargeras was set in his ways. With a howl of fury and sorrow, the former champion raised his blade and struck Aggramar down, cleaving him in two. Outraged by this murder, the Pantheon launched an all-out assault on Sargeras, but, unable to stand against the fallen titan's Fel might, soon perished as well. The fallen titan proclaimed his army victorious and set out to continue the Burning Crusade and discover the location of Azeroth for, to him, Azeroth was not the savior of the universe but the opposite, if corrupted.

Unbeknownst to Sargeras, however, the titan Norgannon had managed to weave a final spell which managed to temporarily save the Pantheon's souls from the destruction of their bodies, sending their spirits hurtling out through the cosmos. Though Sargeras had succeeded in destroying the Pantheon, much of the Legion had been needlessly killed in the battle on Nihilam. Most demons, though bloodthirsty, lacked strategic thinking, and the fallen titan could not direct his entire army at once. On the planet Argus , Sargeras found the cunning and tactically minded agents he sought — the eredar , a race of highly intelligent beings with a natural affinity for magic in all its myriad forms.

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In the form of a radiant and elegant being, Sargeras appeared to the eredar's three greatest leaders, Kil'jaeden , Archimonde , and Velen , and made his offer: untold power, prestige and the opportunity to transform primitive worlds into peaceful sanctuaries in exchange for their allegiance.

Though Velen had doubts, Kil'jaeden and Archimonde readily agreed. Guided by a vision from the naaru and the ata'mal crystal Velen and his followers fled, becoming the draenei.

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The remainder of the eredar people were transformed into hideous demons, Sargeras' fel whisperings surging through the minds of Argus' every inhabitant and drowning out their ability to reason. Sargeras tasked Kil'jaeden the Deceiver to seek out the darkest races in the universe and recruit them into the Legion's ranks. Meanwhile, Archimonde the Defiler would lead Sargeras' vast armies into battle against any who might resist the titan's will. Now that his armies were amassed and ready to follow his every command, he launched his raging forces into the vastness of the Great Dark.

To this date, it is still unclear how many worlds his Burning Legion has consumed and burned on their unholy Burning Crusade across the universe. This section concerns content related to Legion. At some point after the formation of the Legion, Sargeras entrusted an aranasi named Brood Queen Tyranna with an artifact called the Sargerite Keystone and assigned her as ruler of the now-shattered realm of Mardum.

Moreover, Sargeras offered the mighty aldrachi people a place in his Burning Legion. But the aldrachi proved incorruptible: they slew innumerable demons before their race was wiped out.

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Sargeras, using an Avatar, personally killed their greatest champion and seized his weapons - the Aldrachi Warblades which eventually ended up with Kil'jaeden and his loyal demon hunter. Sargeras also had a personal hound named Goremaw the Devourer and a deadly assassin named Akaari who received the Fangs of the Devourer , daggers made from the deceased hound.

On Azeroth , 10, years before the opening of the Dark Portal , the elven Queen Azshara and her people, the Highborne , were wielding magic as their plaything. Sensing the great magical power of the Well of Eternity , Sargeras finally discovered the location of Azeroth. In order to invade the planet, he called to Azshara. The Highborne queen was impressed and overwhelmed by Sargeras' great power.

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He used a subtle form of mental manipulation while speaking to her and her councilor, Xavius. They saw Sargeras as a god and worshiped him. Azshara agreed to grant him entrance to her world if only for a taste of a portion of his knowledge and energy. Furthermore, she thought he would marry her. Thus, the first invasion of Azeroth began. Archimonde and the great pit lord Mannoroth stormed through Kalimdor , ripping the world to shreds and sucking every ounce of energy from it that they could.

Sargeras waited in the Twisting Nether for Azshara to strengthen the portal enough to allow him entrance, and during that time, he accomplished many things. Among them, he transformed Xavius into the first satyr and gifted Illidan Stormrage with his dark magic, burning out the eyes of the night elf and covering both of his shoulders with arcane tattoos. But, at the crucial moment for his entering on Azeroth, the night elves , aided by Cenarius ' woodfolk and Alexstrasza 's dragons , mustered their forces and rebelled against the Highborne in a climactic battle that destroyed the Well of Eternity and crushed much of the continent to rubble.

The defenders of Azeroth paid a great cost to throw the demons back into the Twisting Nether, but in the end, Sargeras' mission had failed for the very first time.

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Because the portal rift into the Twisting Nether vanished in such a great display of magical power, the forces holding the worlds together ruptured, causing the Well of Eternity to implode. A massive part of Kalimdor sank beneath the ocean, and where the Well of Eternity had been before there was only a gigantic oceanic vortex, later named the Maelstrom. In the novel War of the Ancients , Krasus , Rhonin , and Brox are thrown back in time and are able to help the demi-god Cenarius and the dragon Aspects fight the Burning Legion.

Once again, in this new timeline, Sargeras' first invasion of Azeroth failed. During the end of the war, Broxigar leapt through the portal and using the Axe of Cenarius crafted by Malfurion Stormrage killed many demons before catching the attention of Sargeras himself. In a last desperate attempt to buy time for his allies, Broxigar personally attacked the huge titan with the Axe of Cenarius, wounding him in his leg - an extraordinary feat for anyone as he was said to be invincible. Sargeras then killed Broxigar, however, the scratch was pivotal.

When Sargeras approached the gateway, Krasus poured the combined power of his companions at the tiny wound and momentarily distracted Sargeras from the portal. Malfurion used this opening to assail the portal and destabilize it. Refusing to believe his defeat, Sargeras stepped within the collapsing portal in a futile attempt to rebuild it. It imploded, casting him in to the Nether. After his defeat at the Well of Eternity, Sargeras immediately planned his next method of infiltrating Azeroth. He knew he couldn't rely on a static portal; to serve a titan, such a gateway required an astronomical amount of power, and the most promising source had been destroyed in his last attempt.

Moreover, the Highborne's laborious preparation and spellwork had given away his intentions, which had allowed the night elf resistance to thwart him.

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If he wanted to overcome Azeroth's defenders, Sargeras needed to enter the world with minimal warning. Thus he commanded the eredar to forge a tool that would wrench open rifts between worlds for only a short time, just long enough to let a portion of his soul through. Although that meant he couldn't enter Azeroth in his most devastating form, such an instrument would clear a path for his avatar to lead the Legion's invasion or carry out subtler schemes.

Such an instrument would also weaken the integrity of the physical universe and threaten to collapse it, but Sargeras considered those to be only side benefits. First, scores of magi conducted dark rituals to channel countless portals into a single staff. They then projected the empowered artifact into every corner of the Great Dark Beyond , weaving it into the fabric of reality, creating a thread that could be pulled to unravel the seams of the physical universe at will. To fuel this monstrous undertaking, a hundred warlocks sacrificed a hundred demons, selecting them from among the Legion troops that had been part of the failed invasion of Azeroth.

Thus was forged the Jeweled Scepter of Sargeras. Soon after the War of the Ancients, Sargeras also had a vision: the Well of Eternity imploded once again, but this time, it dragged him down to the very core of Azeroth. He was there for only an instant, but in that moment, he saw Azeroth's slumbering world-soul --and in that moment, the world-soul opened one eye and gazed at the Dark Titan.

He was enraptured.

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Since then, the eye of Azeroth's world-soul has not been far from his thoughts. He commanded the eredar who forged the scepter to crown it with that lone, wondrous orb. Next to it, the eredar placed two nathrezim wings, a testament to Sargeras's conception of the world-soul: corrupted, demonic, and most importantly, his. In the millennia after the collapse of the Well of Eternity, Sataiel , who was still on Azeroth, grew over and over-ambitious, strong-willed, and supremely confident. She had come to Azeroth to prove herself to Sargeras, but when she saw the heights of power she could reach with Ulthalesh , she wondered whether she'd set her sights too low.

She had massacred thousands, turned the Deadwind Pass into a tomb, and ripped open a magical nexus of unspeakable force. Her destiny was bright, and she needed no one's patronage to achieve it. The dreadlord Ulthalesh whispered to Sataiel from the scythe, infecting her mind. She decided to keep the magical nexus for herself, and she cast potent wards to hide it from the outside world. Then she cut off all contact with the Legion, biding her time until she and Ulthalesh had the strength to challenge the Dark Titan.

When Sargeras discovered her deception, he was furious. The fount of power was his by right, and Sataiel was keeping it from him. Not only that, but his spies on Azeroth informed him that she was harboring delusions of grandeur, conspiring with the spirit of Ulthalesh to slay Sargeras. Such arrogance could not go unpunished.