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Top 10 Best Movie Death Scenes of the Last Decade

The movie: In this totally 90s drama Julia Roberts plays Isabel, the long-suffering stepmom trying to win over the kids of her husband's ex-wife, Jackie Susan Sarandon — who just happens to have cancer. The scene that probably gets us worst is when the two women discuss their fears for the kids' futures at a bar. Seriously — what a line. Stick on Marvin Gaye, dance around with your hairbrush and you'll probably feel better pretty quick.

Act V, scenes iv–v

The movie: The adorable Disney classic about a young deer coming of age in a sometimes blissful, sometimes dangerous forest. This movie opened the floodgates for many an animated death. The death: In a heart-stopping scene, little Bambi and his mother are pursued by a hunter. When his huge puppy-dog eyes shed a tear, we challenge your lip not quiver.

The movie: Sam Patrick Swayze dies and comes back to life as a — you guessed it — a ghost. Whoopi Goldberg plays the psychic, Oda Mae Brown, who helps him communicate with his girlfriend Molly Demi Moore and reap revenge on his killer. The death: Molly and Sam are happily strolling down the street when a man holds them up with a gun, asking for money. Sam tries to be a hero and fight him, and seems to have succeeded when we see him running after the robber. The really sad bit is when Sam says goodbye to Molly and disappears to rest in peace.

The movie: The heart-warming story of the on-off, then on for evermore romance, between wealthy Allie and mill worker Noah based on another classic Nicholas Sparks weepie. Now elderly, he reads their love story to her in an effort to break through her dementia and remind her of their past. The deaths: Noah succeeds in helping Allie become lucid so they can have a few minutes back together. But then she has a panic attack and forgets him and he suffers a suspected heart attack.

'Joker' Star Zazie Beetz Pulls Back the Curtain on a Key Scene

In the final scene, he promises never to leave her, they then die peacefully in their sleep together on her bed. The death: Heroic Jack Leonardo DiCaprio sacrifices himself and freezes to death in the sea so that his beloved Rose Kate Winslet can live to tell the tale. She reveals that she has imagined an ending in which she visits the couple to repent for her lie, as actually, Robbie died from septicaemia while at war.

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The death: Leia Carrie Fisher has ordered the safe return of her son, so Han confronts Ren at Starkiller Base, and tries to convince him to abandon the dark side, but Ren refuses. Rey, Finn and Chewbacca watch on and we hear as Ren kills Han, stabbing him suddenly with a lightsaber. We hear you Chewie, we hear you. The movie: The Lion King is an emotional rollercoaster that taught us about the animal food chain the hard way. The death: Poor Mufasa is callously betrayed by his brother Scar who lets him fall to his death from Pride Rock. Mufas's son, Simba, sees the whole thing, and rushes to his rescue to try and wake him.

No one is around to help the poor confused cub. The movie: This sassy teen movie has it all: sex, drugs, deceit, comedy and a hot central couple played by Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, who were also real-life BF and GF at the time. In the book, the hotel no longer exists, and the fight occurs at a campground that was constructed where the hotel once stood. Not all the changes between the book and the film can be chalked up to the differences between the endings.

The murder of Brad Trevor, or the Baseball Boy played in the movie by Jacob Tremblay, one of the best kid actors in the game is way more graphic and horrifying in the film.

15 classic Disney film death scenes that destroyed your childhood

The book spared less than a page to the killing. Instead, he and Abra kill Rose the Hat and both emerge just fine. The changes are significant, but they really work. Overall, Flanagan was loyal to the very best of the source material, but the changes he made were almost universally for the better. Type keyword s to search. However, before the ceremony is done, Slayers attack the wedding in a surprise assault.

Colwyn is presumed dead, and as Lyssa tries to flee she is intercepted by Slayers.

A hero was born in my young eyes. What a way to go. Plus, those Knight costumes are awesome. Seemingly unstoppable in their rampage, the Gremlins fear no man. One's chopped up in the blender, another stabbed to death after smashing up her plates, while a third is memorably microwaved into a gooey pulp. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. You could make an entire Top 50 of the most memorable Bond deaths hmm, maybe I will… but the death of Dr Kananga is surely the most over the top horrific, comedic, and yes, memorable.

As you do. Damn you Joss Whedon! Our full lookback at Serenity is here. In a film with an incredibly high body count, Scott Pilgrim continues his serial killer rampage by publically executing his rivals, the Japanese Katayanagi Twins, at a battle of the bands. After trading sonic blows, the Twins unleash a double dragon, only for Scott to magic up a yeti, which goes properly mental and smashes the place up before killing the twins.

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Do people really die like that? Brilliantly reworking the horror genre, we find out that all those alleged hillbilly murderers might have actually been completely misunderstood. Here we see Tucker casually working his wood chipper before unwittingly being attacked by a college kid, who trips and flies into the machine — Tucker tries to save him but from a distance it looks completely different. Maybe Leatherface was just trying to teach all those kids correct chainsaw technique? View the discussion thread.

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