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We had a great string section, but everyone was being asked to play violin. We needed to add the depth of some violas and cellos—but we also needed to add brass, woodwinds and rhythm sections. In design terms, that meant we needed user researchers, prototypers and others. The company was also changing from being startup to being a more mature enterprise with a significantly larger user base, so we had to evolve in other ways as well.

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Bringing in people with experience working on similarly large consumer products or with different kinds of organizational experience like management or mentoring became as important as hiring folks with great design sensibility and hard skills like prototyping or conceptual thinking. Spotify, as a company, is in an industry that is constantly changing.

Our competitive landscape is very much in flux right now, as is the music industry itself.

Okage: Shadow King's Big Bull Fight -- Designing For Pressure

This means that we are constantly faced with challenges which are new to us and the company at large. The design team is also in transition.

Tell us about the concept and inspiration behind your prop designs.

Two years ago, there was no user research team and the design team was about a third of the size that it is now. That means that as a team we also need people who are as excited about helping to build a team and a culture of design as they are about doing the work itself. First, we need to establish an awesome working culture, both in terms of who we are as a team and how we work.

Chelsea Former Library Interior Design Project - Helen Green Design

Having a high-functioning team that really respects each other, enjoys being with each other and is willing to challenge each other makes us more effective and is the foundation of what will ultimately allow us to grow as a design team and to do our best work. Second, to build a great product, we need to be in tune and empathetic with both our users and the artists that have their music on our platform.

Therefore, we want to encourage our designers to be curious about their audience and to gather as much knowledge as they can about them through research, data, interviews, etc. We want everyone to feel like they are proud of their work. So far, our progress has been very encouraging.

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On shipping, the first big design-led initiative was the redesign we did in April of last year. Over the years, our product had organically grown in so many different ways that it was starting to feel disjointed.

Talks, interviews, readings, discussions, workshops and events

To our users, the redesign was predominantly visual, which was only one of the many layers that we want to address. That was probably the biggest win for us as a team because it changed the way we worked, and it let us focus on solving the bigger design problems that are beyond visual styling. Your remarks will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Leave this field empty. Alan started making print tees when he was 15, which developed into designing and producing his first pair of denim when he was Although Alan was considering applying for design school for college, he decided to leave this path as well as his job at a medical malpractice law firm to grow his brand full-time.

Ever since, AKINGSNY has grown extensively through networking on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter along with creating content through collaborations with influencers on these platforms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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