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What is the difference between Dynamic and Static Content

If the entity we select is a phase, however, the property list will display the phase name and duration, as well as all the fields in that specific phase including the start form. Let's suppose we wanted to use the "type of request" field from the start form in the body of our email. We'd select:. To insert the content in our email body, we'd copy the handlebars and paste them where we want that information to be displayed in the email:. Contact variables are the placeholders for the dynamic content that will appear in the campaign.

Below are fields that are supported both when importing contacts through a file, and when using our API. We recommend choosing either the work OR home type of email address for all of your contacts for consistency. Our standard contact fields are commonly used in emails, but many of our customers have very customized data they want to pull in that don't fit into the categories above.

The Custom Field property allows you to store information about each contact that is unique to your needs or business. You can see the JSON for a complete contact here. Our product UI allows you to have custom names for your custom fields, but to utilize custom fields through our API at any step, you must name your custom fields to be "Custom Field n" in the UI. In this example, the first name, email address, and three custom fields are going to be pulled in to render customized content to the recipient.

In some accounts, you'll see this option to use your own custom code at the top of the email template selection page.

In others, you can choose the "Want to use your own code? The HTML campaign content option will track links automatically so that you can see who clicked on what link. It is also less strict, and can be more easy to use. See the JSON for a complete campaign object here.

10. Dynamic content and links

While previewing a campaign or sending a test version of a campaign, you'll see the dollar-notation fields in the email. Contact-specific information is only sent during a LIVE, scheduled send of an email. Retargeting Campaigns. Localizing a Campaign. Campaigns in Multiple Languages. Getting High Ratings. Install Attribution Campaign.

Feature Awareness and New App Version. Scheduling and Organizing. Scheduling Your Campaign.

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