Edwige, linséparable (Littérature Française) (French Edition)

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Fernald congratulated him, but also warned that what he had in mind would be a very large-scale work, scarcely conceivable as an initiative by one person alone. At the same time, Fernald continued to welcome his explorations very warmly, and they stepped up their scientific collaboration.

It not only foreshadowed the forthcoming general plant guide, but brought Marie-Victorin his earliest renown in the sciences. No matter that he had no university degree and had educated himself by whatever means came to hand - he had already shown proof of his strengths. Moreover, he was already recognized by his peers abroad and by people at home. The university immediately made him an associate professor. Very attached to his students at the secondary level, Marie-Victorin continued to teach them on a half-time basis at the school in Longueuil until , for his new status did not make him lose sight of his main concern: to raise the level of education of his own people, regardless of their academic attainment.

Installed in rather makeshift fashion in the basement of the university on Rue Saint-Denis downtown, he both taught and introduced students to research, for to him the two were absolutely inseparable. In he would rename his Laboratoire de Botanique an institute to draw attention to this vital connection. It would be many years, however, before he would publicly acknowledge this new conviction.

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He did so in , when he was abroad, as a delegate to the convention of the British Association for the Advancement of Science at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He served as its secretary and then as its president from to In , on his initiative, the society would create the Cercles des Jeunes Naturalistes, founded by Brother Adrien Rivard and destined to be a resounding success. All these organizations obviously fit into his unceasing campaign to combine science and general knowledge at every level and for people of all ages.

Other causes would also continue to make demands on Marie-Victorin. In he was admitted to the Royal Society of Canada, but only to the literary section. His main struggle had now begun. It seemed incongruous to him that a city the size of Montreal should be without such a facility.

He hounded the authorities and in , in the midst of the worldwide Great Depression, he persuaded the city to found the Montreal Botanical Garden, an enterprise with the twofold aim of attracting tourists and carrying on research and teaching.

« L’acte pur des métamorphoses » – Aspects de la forme chez Valéry

He obtained permission from the university to establish his institute in the botanical garden, rather than letting it stagnate until the university building on Mount Royal was finished. In crisis and threatened with closure, the university grudgingly agreed to what it considered a defection.

A third instalment would come out in His reputation, which had earned him many prizes and distinctions, now spread beyond Quebec, the United States, and Europe to the Caribbean. But Marie-Victorin had exerted himself so much that he was now completely exhausted. He was only distantly involved with the day-to-day operation of the botanical garden and institute and depended increasingly on Brunel and Rousseau for the conduct of current business.

In fact, hardly anything stimulated him now but botanical excursions. On the way home, their automobile was involved in a collision near Saint-Hyacinthe. Although Marie-Victorin and his friends sustained only minor injuries, he himself suffered a heart attack and died on the way to the hospital. A giant was gone, and no one who had known him wanted to miss the opportunity to salute his accomplishments. This enormous work was carried out by a weak, sickly individual.

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Edwige, l'inséparable

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