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September 4, - Published on Amazon. Michelangelo did not paint the Sistine Chapel! Not alone anyway. To accomplish the mission Michelangelo led a team of thirteen artists and two hundred crewmen! According to Williams, "Michelangelo sought out the best artists and craftsmen.

Extreme Dreams Depend on Teams: Foreword

Some sections are clearly the work of Michelangelo's hand. Like the former coach that he is, Williams coaches us the readers on the key to achieving big dreams: skillful leadership of a synergistic team. A great leader, however, is only as good as the team he leads. And what makes a great team? According to Williams a great team is a committed team: to each other and to a singular goal. A committed team respects and trusts each other and works together to lift up individual members so that collectively they achieve what no one individual can.


How does one acquire this dream team? By recruiting talented people and empowering them to succeed and to make mistakes! Empowerment, Williams explains, is achieved by: 1 expressing belief in people; 2 listening to them; 3 building others up; 4 not demeaning them; 5 being truthful; 6 saying thank you; 7 giving meaningful praise; and 8 providing occasional encouragement. Extreme Dreams is an entertaining and enlightening book for both leaders and their teams!

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Product Details About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review. Extreme Dreams Depend on Teams 4. Williams stories about basketball as they fit into his theme of team building - there isn't a sports fan around who wouldn't love this book simply from that aspect. But I also loved reading this book because it's inspirational. It can be applied to everyday life. Williams message of dreaming extreme and then putting together the team to do that can be used in almost any situation. Whether it's starting a new business, developing a winning sports team, or building a beatiful house, Mr.

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Williams advice carries through. Dream big and then lay the groundwork and gather the people around you to make that dream come true. Personally, I'm at a point in my life where I'm making some big decisions, and I've started applying some of the ideas from Extreme Dreams Depend on Teams. I'm starting by gathering the people who I need to help me achieve that goal. I'm taking the time and doing the planning and then it will happen. I'd recommend this book to everyone even if just for the sports stories, because I can almost guarantee that anyone who reads this will walk away a bit more inspired and motivated.

He could have made the book very harsh with strict rules and guidelines to follow. Instead, Williams offers suggestions and in more than one instance shows us how following these suggestions will lead toward a stronger team and more effective teamwork. He is very lighthearted, fun, and inspirational throughout the book. I was amazed at how positive the book felt because frankly, not every informational book gives off that vibe.

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This is a book, however, that I could easily see people reading for entertainment just as they would read it for the help that it gives. In my opinion, this book transcends age and young adults to adults will both find pleasure and enjoyment between the covers.

Williams obviously put in quite a bit of time and energy making this a helpful book, regardless of the level of sports background knowledge the reader might have. Related Searches. Blink of an Eye. Seth, a certified genius, and Miriam, a Saudi Princess, find themselves thrown together as fugitives Seth, a certified genius, and Miriam, a Saudi Princess, find themselves thrown together as fugitives in a high-stakes chase across Southern California.