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Abstract Natural resource taxation and investment often exhibit cyclical behavior, driving political turmoil and shifts in power. Keywords Natural resource taxation.

JEL classification H Recommended articles Citing articles 0. He goes to retrieve the buried trunk, only to find it empty. Morris is obsessed with finding the notebooks and learning the ultimate outcome of the Runner series.

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His search for the notebooks eventually leads him to Peter's family. As a deadly cat-and-mouse game begins, private detective Bill Hodges, the man who brought down the murderous Mr.


Mercedes, is gradually drawn into the mystery of the unknown benefactor who helped the Sauberses through their rough patch. He knows young Pete is hiding something, but he doesn't know that the missing piece of the puzzle is the answer to the decades-old cold case — John Rothstein's murder.

Finders Keepers received mixed to positive reviews.

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In her review for The Guardian , Alison Flood praised the book as "expertly plotted" and a "fresh take" on one of King's favorite subjects - "the relationship between a writer and their fans. Mercedes , is renewed for season 2, which will be based on original Mr. Mercedes novel, Finders Keepers and End of Watch. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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