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Freaky Sensationz unselfish love & motivation zone

Totally on egg shells at every moment. Thankfully, I am well trained in how to handle a Narcissist, when I decide I do not need to be talked to or belittled the way she treated her husband. I just cut her out, and whoah did that make her mad! I gave her no reaction!! So that was the beginning of the punish-love repetitious cycle that went for 3 months. Yes, you did the right thing, which is first and foremost to honour yourself and live an authentic life. Thank you Melanie! I imagine my situation with my friend was sort of an easy example, and it must be much more complex and guilt inducing for victims of familial and spousal Narcissists.

I feel very sorry for people with Narcissistic romantic relationships, and family relationships. The family ones in particular never feel settled. I believe you are an amazing person with an amazing gift. Thank you so much for your research and shared information of which you are so generous to share with us.

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I am not a perfect person, yet I strive to be loving and fair. My sister traumatized me to my very core. Several years later, when we met in our childhood home to say goodbye to our dying mother, again the silent treatment. She would not speak to me, emoting anger and resentment. My brother followed suit, although interestingly he had been kind and communicative with me until her arrival.

The only time she spoke to me what the last hour I was was in our home, before leaving to catch a plane. I was taking a moment of peace out of the back patio that my husband had built for my mother. She came out and purged her anger, her hate. Telling me what a loser I was, that I had no friends and never would, that I change past history and make it what I want, that I am the most selfish person, that she will never ever see me again. Understanding that this was projection and that I never did anything WRONG in all three of these cases shook me to my very core.

For eight years. Here I am. I diligently researched my childhood experiences and my feelings finding out how to move past the anguish that she ignited in me through these experiences. I did find out, but the healing was not present, and I had hit a solid wall with my therapist. When I found your name, I was diligently searching for a path of healing and followed your instructions to release this emotional energy.

Is The Narcissist Capable of "Loving?" | Melanie Tonia Evans

The aftermath was the greatest shift I have experienced in my life, and to be quite honest, it frightened me because I felt that perhaps it could not be true. Yet it is. And it all makes sense on so many levels. I believe that this research that you have conducted and your healing methods will one day be standard procedure in therapy and in life.

Your generosity in sharing this with the world is the most amazing gift and I thank you so much. Also, as a side note, I feel this shift physically in my stomach, as strange as this is to say. The anger and pain of my sister is virtually gone. Of course I still have a lot of work to do in shifting my energy to be more productive after being paralyzed for so long, and I still have to deal with a nasty case of narcissism and flying monkeys at work. Going into this situation with no inner anger makes me believe this may be possible, although it is such a toxic environment I may need to leave, despite the financial blows this will cause.

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Add to Wishlist. Overview This is self explanatory! It's a playtime book for my couples out there! So get the calendar , set a play date and don't break it! Work doesn't come before you and yur lover , your wifey , your husband , so make the time and never break a date with your mate! The world keeps us busy enough , so when it gets right down to it , grab your intimate moiments , and never let go! Have some fun, try new things and keep it sexy! Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review.

Then I backed up to my first response and saw your fascinating remarks. Sharing intercourse with people you love is the only intercourse worth having, so go ahead and fall in love. Share with your new lover the ways she makes you feel about sex is encouraging you to remember the erotic fun you first had witth your wife and you are now sharing those sexy fun things with your wife to keep your family healthy. Destroying family and home instead of making them better is like junking a good race car just because the starter failed. The engine is still in fine shape, as is the rest of the car, so why let a little, but key part take the focus away from a fine work of functioning relationship just because one part is faulty?

Your new lover is the new starter! Ann, five years ago a dear lady re-entered my life unexpectedly some seven years after her husband left her for a lady who worked for him. My lady friend had a new lover who was incapable of sharing intercourse and he also was taken from her suddenly due to previous legal issues. As my renewed friendship with her had me doing almost daily handy man work with her, I asked her if she would think about sharing sex with me to help fill her sense of loss of her lover while he was absent.

She shared my offer with her lover, and he was fine with this, especially as he was unable to give her intercourse.

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She was my lover for about four months until she had to move. For her, I gave the attention that you yearn to have from your hubby. With two marriages that totaled about 39 years at that time, I gained a clear idea of what you good wives desire and need for good sexual libido maintenance from us hubbies. If you and me were to meet, Ann, and to share your feelings as you do here, it would be much the same for us as it was for my dear lady friend. When both new lovers respect their relationship with the life mate s one or both have, their love making has liberty to give them erotic bliss far beyond the bounds of jealousy.

It is sheer erotic excitement which opens their deepest desires for sexual satiation. It is because no strings are attached. Two benefits can be focused on for these lovers. The first is that their life mate s would sense and respond to the intense, revived libido each lover now shines with like a beacon in the middle of the night.

The second benefit from their renewed and intense libido is regaining the excitement for life that new lovers always experience. There is a cost, though. There is no religion that is not first a social cause, so we all have to deal with the social relationship demands of prevalent religions where we live. There is just one morality in sexual relationship that counts, so keep your focus on it, not on moral codes from social origins. That one morality is respect. If you and me were to share love making as part of the relationship you have with your husband, our respect for your marriage would be our focus. This is exactly what I gifted my lady friend with, and her lover appreciated me for providing to pleasure his lover, my friend.

The reward for my lady friend was her release from the anxiety of needing the lost lover, and gaining the sense of belonging with a man who loved her with all he is. For me, experiencing this intense erotic love making for the benefit and rejuvenation of my lover returned back to me way more sexual gratification than ever I knew with my two wives! Making love to my dear spouses was a joy, but there was a sense of duty and reciprocal sexual gratification.

Gifting my lady friend with the love making she craved just for her released my desires for intercourse and opened my heart for a flood of unexpected sexual satiation! There is little else in this life that feels more vital and invigorating than for your lover to tell you this!

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My lady friend regained such a sexual attraction that it could be felt! Ann, it is my sincere hope that one day soon you will gain this lover friend to assist you to regain your sexual vitality and go on to attract your hubby and revitalize his sexual libido that made him your lover to start with How I feel, and you the same, about those we make love with depends on the way I perceive myself to be, both by myself, and with those I share intercourse or even just make love with without copulation. May I ask you, especially you, Ann, when did you last take inventory of how you sexually identify yourself, by yourself and then, together with your hubby, and-or with an added lover you find who gifts you with what you desire hubby to give and be for you?

Ann, before you settled with hubby did you know a lover who blessed you with those sensations hubby seems to fail sharing with you?

What impact would you make if you had the support of anyone in the world?

Be really deep and honest here! It is key to to present feelings of lacking the best fulfillment we can experience with shared sexual intimacy with anyone, in or apart from this depth of committed lifetime relationship. Ann, I apologize for picking on you here, yet the beautiful illustration you share with us makes this point more clear and poignant to open our heart for close examination of really who each of us is, sexually. My dear, sweet lady friend is a grand mother. Her own childhood was severely marred with dad abandoning his wife and family when she was three or four.

Her mom then died when she was But, you do sense that your sexual identity lacks full appreciation and equal quality of returning the loving you gift hubby with from hubby. Ann, you are certainly in good company with many other wives in this!