Garbage Juice for Breakfast (The Polk Street Mysteries Book 6)

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Polka Dot Private Eye Series in Order - Patricia Reilly Giff - FictionDB

Patricia Reilly Giff. The Trail of the Screaming Teenager. A day at the beach turns into another mystery for the Polka Dot Private Eye to solve! Dawn Bosco is excited about her trip to the beach. There are teenagers at the beach, too. Can Dawn find the thief, or is the necklace gone forever? The Clue at the Zoo. When Arno says he wants to go to the zoo, Dawn knows there will be trouble—and maybe a mystery, too. The Mystery of the Blue Ring. Dawn sets out to solve the mystery herself to prove she is innocent—and maybe get her best friend back.

The Riddle of the Red Purse. But after she puts up posters and makes an announcement on the loudspeaker, too many people are trying to claim the purse! The only clues are a shopping list, some money, and some dust that looks like cookie crumbs. Similar ebooks. Pictures of Hollis Woods. When Hollis is sent to Josie, an elderly artist who is quirky and affectionate, she wants to stay.

But Josie is growing more forgetful every day. Patricia Reilly Giff captures the yearning for a place to belong in this warmhearted story, which stresses the importance of artistic vision, creativity, and above all, family. Baseball Pals. Matt Christopher. Voted captain of his baseball team, Jimmie declares himself pitcher even though Paul is a better pitcher. Paul leaves for another team, and Jimmie's team starts losing. Can Jimmie regain the confidence of his friends? Under a Living Sky.

Joseph Simons. Mary is certain that her parents are giving her new shoes for Christmas, but the Depression has hit her Saskatchewan farming family hard. Mary tries to hide her disappointment when she receives a crude homemade doll instead. She ends up liking the doll much more than she expects, but the doll fuels the rivalry between Mary and her older sister, Judith.

Then, when the doll disappears a few weeks later during a snowstorm, Mary and Judith's relationship changes once again. Pickle Puss. It's August, and Emily has big plans at the library. She's going to read lots of books and tack a paper fish next to her name for each one. Then Dawn Bosco says she can read more books than Emily. Sugarman in the Fourth Grade.

Kid who onlyHit Homers. Knight at Dawn, the. Lazy Lions, Lucky Lambs. Letting Swift River Go. Lily and Miss Liberty. Little House Birthday, A. Little House Farm Daya. Little Red hen makes a Pizza. Littles and the… The series. Littles Take a Trip. Locked in the Library.

Patricia Reilly Giff

Lucky Baseball Bat, the. Manners on the Telephone. Marvin and the Mean Words. Mary Marony , Mummy Girl. Mary Marony and and the Chocolate Surprise. Mary Marony and the Snake. Mary Marony Hides Out.

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Maybe Yes, Maybe No. Midnight on the Moon.

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Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Miracle on the Plate. Monster Rabbit Runs Amuck. Mummies in the Morning. My Son the Time Traveler. Mystery in the Night Woods. Mystery of the Dark Old House. Mystery of the Missing Dog. Mystery of the Stolen Bike. Mystery of the Talking Tail, The. Never Trust a Cat who Wears Earrings. A First Year on the Prairie, The. Nibble, Nibble, Jenny Archer. Night of the Ninjas. Nine True Dolphin Stories. No Arm in Left Field. Old Man and the Bear, the. Old Rocking Chair, the. Old Tom and the Rogue. One Bad Thing about Father. One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo, the.

Over the Green Hills. Paint Brush Kid, the. Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln, the. Picture Book of Amelia Earhart, the. Picture Book of Anne Frank, the.

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Picture Book of Benjamin Franklin, the. Picture Book of Christopher Columbus, the.

Picture Book of Davy Crockett, the. Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt, the. Picture Book of Florence Nightingale, the. Picture Book of Frederick Douglas, the.

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Picture Book of George W. Picture Book of George Washington, the. Picture Book of Harriet Tubman, the. Picture Book of Helen Keller, the. Picture Book of Jackie Robinson, the. Picture Book of Louis Braille, the. Picture Book of Patrick Henry, the. Picture Book of Paul Revere, the.

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