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I have a very fearful Border collie and a getting fearful Border collie that have owned me for 8 years. He has his spot beside the bed and as long as nobody gets in his way on the way there, everyone lives.

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The older and very fearful collie has a routine that he sets in motion at the onset of barometric pressure change. He runs into the bathroom, the only room in the house without windows, and climbs into the tub and pulls the curtain shut. If anyone uses the bathroom he pokes his head out, takes a pet, and goes back to laying down.

We had one dog whose thunder phobia was definitely noise related. His phobia steadily got less severe as he went hard of heading in his old ag. My 15 year old Jack Russell has suddenly become frightened by thunder. Her hearing has deteriorated the last year, so I suspect she feels it more than hears it. Holding her is the only way to stop her crying and shaking. I need to learn more about caring for an elderly dog. She has been such a wonderful companion for 13 years, I want to treat her right in her elder years.

Wendy, Please check out the advice in the post.

How Do I Make a DIY Anxiety Wrap To Help My Nervous Dog?

We just had a massive thunder boom and the dogs ran to me. Our border collie has done MUCH better by leaving a light on in a room at night. I think he associates lightning with the thunder, and the bright light minimizes the the contrast of lightning in a dark room. Counter conditioning helped my dog. I adopted a dog that was scared of thunder. I was also going through recallers game with him. It took a while to engage him and each thunder clap would set him back but a little less each time.

Long slim and slender, dark as homemade thunder

But at the end of the storm he went straight to sleep. The games were high arousal,high self control, lots of rewards, lots of focus on the game rather than the storm. My dog is relatively new to us and there is so much to teach, but I need to remember to not ignore possible problems. My dog and I spent our first three 4ths at a motel with loud air conditioning because we were at horse shows. I faced our first one with Benadryl and a wrap.

In distress I turned up music, turned on fans… but It was terrible. The neighbor we see well puts on an aerial extravaganza once dark hits. The next street over puts on a competitive show. Yes, a suburban neighborhood. Last year fireworks were banned, I thought it would be quieter.

I had the fans, music, tv, wrap, hemp treats, added the Benadryl, put down the shades, everything I could think of…it was still terrible. Do this year? I have a reservation at that motel we used to stay at. I have a problem with one dog learning fear from the other. Sophy, my papillon, developed sound sensitivity very suddenly a few years ago, when we were out walking and she heard distant shooting and she promptly decided it was time to go home.

Counter conditioning has worked reasonably well with her, and would work better if I was better prepared and more organised so as to be ready with good treats whenever random bangs happen out and about. Poppy, my toy poodle, decided that if brave, confident Sophy is afraid of bangs they must be truly dangerous, and went from not noticing them to shivering wreck almost overnight. But I know counter conditioning works — the one bang they do not mind is the sound of a prosecco cork popping — a reliable indicator of crisps and breadsticks and other shared nibbles! You have reminded me to put a big note on my calendar to put a bag of good treats into my pocket ahead of the shooting season, and to try and find a recording of crackling sticks well before the weather turns chill.

It seemed to work — even rescue dogs that arrived with noise phobias calmed down when they saw their human enjoying it so much. My Scout is not only afraid of thunder and fireworks, but the dishwasher.

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Makes me think she is more sensitive to the vibration than sound? She does have acute senses though- she often crawls under my bed for a nap and somehow can tell if another dog is walking down the street. I have resorted to taking her for car rides when I do the dishes. Has anyone tried the zen box? It is very expensive but would be worth it if it worked. My BC, at 12, is finally going deaf enough that she is marginally manageable — she would shred sheet rock trying to dig a hole.

I do this too! Can you please expand on that? Thunder sensitivity can be linked to nerve damage and never damage is caused by vaccines.

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It is worth looking into for people to understand. One of my dogs is super-hyper phobic of fireworks. I have done all of the above and everything you can think of and all with positivity. As she has aged and lost some hearing, the phobia is lessening a bit.

But the fireworks in my city are severe and go on for a month. As the area has gentrified, as people seem to become dimly aware that veterans and animals are harmed by the ruckus, it seems to be lessening a little.

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For the last nine years, I have left town for a week. I go to a small, dog friendly cottage in eastern Oregon, where the fire danger is so high that fireworks are strictly banned. About the only sounds that disturb my 4YO Basenji are gunshots weekend target practice in our rural neighborhood and loud pickups. The gunshots seem to be mostly on weekends so on our walks I take some high-value treats to pop in his mouth right after we hear the shot. I work on the loud pickup noises whenever we are on the sidewalk at a strip mall or park and hear one running in a parking lot by giving treats for obedience behaviors close enough to the vehicle that the noise registers but far enough away that he can still think and respond.

We have been to a Veterinary Behaviorist who had me set up a safe room shower provide frozen kongs, white noise, etc. She has adaptil, thunder shirt, aromatherapy, music for dogs. Without the drugs she becomes frantic and attempts to climb into any open area…washers, dryers, cabinets or onto surfaces like counters. I live by the radar app from June through October. She actually has gotten better with distant thunder, but not with severe storms. A neighbor recommended an igloo doghouse.

Thank you so much for these informative tips. None of my current dogs are thunder- or noise-phobic but one of my previous dogs was terrified of the corn cannon yes there is unfortunately such a thing employed by some farmers, sigh. I am convinced acupuncture works for dogs!

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I tried it this morning on my not so calm Golden Retriever puppy. The Butterfly Hug is bilateral stimulation on accupressure points that calms the amygdala. Your hands look like a butterfly as you tap left, right, left, right. Last fall, my acupuncturist told me that the acupressure points are the same on animals as humans. You just need to take into consideration the different anatomy to find the points. I sat down with my 85 pound puppy and with trial and error I tapped back and forth, Butterfly Hug style, several places just above his chest, as no clavicle to help me locate the points, until I must have found the right place because he just melted and after tapping for a minute he went to sleep.

It might work! I think it definitely helps if we are able to be calm and relaxed when we do this on a child or dog as they can feel our tension. They get all happy and come running for treats every time a thunderstorm approaches! Thank you so much for that suggestion. Then, when they do get anxious, it will be easy for us to try and see if it helps.

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  5. When I adopted my Dalmatian 6 years ago she was 6 at the time she was terrified of thunder. One summer afternoon as storm after storm rolled through — about 6 hours in all — we crawled under the covers in bed and I just held her for the duration. He is afraid of so many sounds on TV that I feel I cannot use it for masking fireworks. Interesting enough, I live fairly close to a major military installation and he is quite tolerant of the firing range unless they bring out the really big guns.

    On to food and singing, maybe we can survive this 4th. We used it last year with very good results. Eileen and Dogs has some great articles about this as well. Kira 9-yr-old Goldendoodle partially learned to be afraid of loud noises from her late brother Andy who was just born anxious. She goes to the ONE spot without windows; I think lightning bothers her as much as thunder, so I start a group hug on the bed in a room with blackout shades. Look into CBD oil and treats to take the edge off.

    I have success with my girl about spooky things, like ice sliding on my metal roof, with the higher dose of treatibles. She does not have a fear of noise or storms. This is my go-to and suggestion before meds. I think static electricity was part of this, as he would wedge himself behind the toilet. He had no fear of noise and lived across the road from a rod and gun club. Fireworks were never an issue.

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    I had very good luck with cotton in their ears. Also have had good luck with counter conditioning which was always included in the conformation handling classes.