Inspired Creative Writing (52 Brilliant Ideas)

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Read newspapers and magazines for fascinating stories. Listen to conversations, invent stories for the people who walk past and write them down. It may take a while, but if you pay attention to the world around you, then inspiration will come.

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The trick is not to go looking for the idea of a lifetime. Ideas are everywhere, you just need to learn how to spot them. But suddenly your mind is devoid of inspiration and you begin to panic. What on earth are you going to write about? While there is more to being a writer than just a good idea, without an inspirational seed for your novel, screenplay or poem you are like a knight in armour with no monster to slay and no sweetheart to rescue.

For many of us, ideas are a lot like buses. You wait ages for one to come along and when it finally does it breaks down. Of course you may be one of the lucky ones, and already be nurturing the seed of an idea. A great many writers turn away the ideas that flit around in the back of their head, begging to be put on paper.

If you do this, you may be passing up a good thing. The ideas that flutter in the half-light of our conscious mind are those that make us think, that make us laugh, or cry, or scream. Otherwise you would have forgotten them long ago. These ideas may be nothing more than a scene, a single character, perhaps something as small as a phrase.

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Or they might be an entire plot line, an epic journey that you have been mentally planning for years. But whether large or small, these threads are important to you, and because of this you have the ability to weave them into a work of art. Chances ar e, the ideas you may already possess, even if they are barely visible, have a personal significance.

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If you give them a chance, you will be able to draw on a wealth of personal emotion and experience in order to produce a literary work that truly connects with its readers. But what happens if you are champing at the bit and raring to go, but have nothing to write about? Ideas are the product of your experience, bits of your life, inspiration from books, films, plays, all mingled together in a turbulent alchemical mix. This bubbling cauldron of images, words, sounds, smells and thoughts is constantly generating tendrils and strands that appear as random ideas or dreams.

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Occasionally these strike a chord in our mind and germinate to become inspiration. What this means is that although you may not have an idea per se, you do have a vast wealth of experience to draw upon. This bank of material is unique — the people you have loved, the places you have visited, the games you have played — nobody else has lived the same life. Start to peel back the years and look at the vast web of activity that is your life, and the ideas will begin to roll in.

A There is no easy answer. Different readers like different things, and an almost infinite number of ideas have made it into good books. Perhaps the best way of determining the strength of your idea is to ask yourself honestly how you feel about it. It may be clever, but does it excite you?

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It may be exciting, but does it make sense? It may make sense, but is it original? At this stage, only you can answer these questions. A Calm down, breathe deeply and relax. How embarrassing.

Inspired Creative Writing (52 Brilliant Ideas): Pokes and Prods for Scribblers of All Stripes

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