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Inspiration that one day she decided to turn into stories….

French Poem - Harmonie du Soir by Charles Baudelaire - Slow Reading

Their titles are marked by energy, desire, pleasure, experience sharing, and an impulse towards the world. Join us; you are here at home. Habiburahman with Sophie Ansel Habiburahman, born in , Rohingya, lives and works as an interpreter and social worker in Melbourne Australia. He founded the Australian Burmese Rohingya Organization to advocate for his community. Sophie Ansel is a journalist, author and director. She lived in Asia for several years. It was during a five-month stay in Burma that she met Habiburahman and decided to help tell his story.

First They Erased Our Name. A Rohingya Speaks Up The first time a Rohingya speaks up to expose the persecution facing his people Habiburahman was born and raised in a small village somewhere between Rakhine State and Chin State in western Burma. The military leader, Ne Win,. To leave them stateless in their own country. In this book, Habiburahman describes the violence he. But his determination never wavered. Encouraged by his father, he continued his studies, the only way to escape the inhumanity that stems from ignorance. In , Habiburahman managed to leave Burma.

Some of his family are still there. Now, granted political asylum in Australia, he is fighting to speak out against the ethnic cleansing the Rohingya people have endured for decades. But there is little evidence from the Rangoon government to seriously deny it. She has a rare condition AIS: Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome : born with the genetic makeup of a man, her body developed into that of a woman.

She only learned the truth at the age of fifteen. Emmanuelle Belohradsky is a screenwriter and journalist. She met Elodie several years ago when carrying out research for a film, and convinced her to share her story. As You See Me. The Story of a Girl Who Was Meant to Be a Boy The fresh and touching account, full of humour, of a young girl who discovered at the age of fifteen that she should have been born a boy. When she was fifteen, Elodie was worried about not getting her period. The gynaecologist she went to see was confused: the scan showed that Elodie did not have a uterus.

Jussi Adler-Olsen

Her genetic makeup is masculine — she has an. XY karyotype — but her cells contain no receptors to respond to male hormones, preventing her from developing into a male baby as a foetus.

On the outside, Elodie looks like any other girl. But inside, she has no uterus, no fallopian tubes, no ovaries.

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How can you feel like a woman without the organs that usually define femaleness? How can you carry on as normal when you find out that nature meant for you to be a boy? The unimaginable moment when she found out about her condition. And what came next, putting a question mark over her entire identity. Elodie is now 28 years old and at peace with her story. Only Women Live Forever A brilliant historical novel telling the story of Loulou Chandeleur, a private detective who disguises himself as a woman to avoid fighting in the war of An authentic insight into the difficult atmosphere of war and denunciation.

The war of is just starting. He becomes Loulou Chandeleur, a private detective in silk stockings and a veiled hat. He discovers that he is just as good a detective in a dress as he is in trousers and perhaps a better man. To prove that the peril is serious, the blackmailer threatens to start by killing random people first.

For the four years of the war, the women of France kept the country alive. This novel tells the story of a man who discovers a world of women, who are also discovering the world of men. A book on the difficulty of being a woman — especially when you are a man.

Rahan, le fils des âges farouches a 45 ans

A novel inspired by the true story of Paul Grappe, who dressed as a woman to avoid fighting in the First World War and lived as a woman for ten years. An alert historical novel with vibrant characters that have plenty of presence.

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A clever intrigue written in a sharp and lively style; great entertainment. An expert on the Middle East and terrorism, he won the Grand Prix internationale de la presse. This is his portrait of the man and the politician.

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A journalistic investigation with literary flair. Combining personal impressions and narrative journalism, Le Sommier lifts the curtain on one of the most controversial figures of our time. Title: Assad Orig. Full of insights into power in Syria, this book sheds light on the relationships between Syria, Russia, the United States and France in face of the challenges of Islamic fundamentalism. A lively and fascinating journalistic portrait of one of the most controversial figures of our time, written with true literary flair. Exclude him from his scope of investigation?

Or approach him, try to grasp his mechanics? The question arises regularly at the whim of the dictators who parade at the head of certain states. Dominique Maisons Dominique Maisons, born in , is one of the new stars of French crime fiction. Rose Century is 20 years old and worth millions at the box office.

Dozens of assistants are on hand to get her anything she wants at the click of a finger. An agent who manipulates her like a child, directors who prove to be sexual predators, childhood friends lost to drugs, a failed actress mother projecting her unfulfilled ambitions, a father who despises her.

And a sister, who died in mysterious circumstances… Rose is alone, and can think only of escape. But her career is bigger than herself. So, if Rose becomes a problem… A solution must be found very quickly. Title: Tout le monde aime Bruce Willis Orig. We Remember the Names of the Assassins A dark and poisonous crime novel set in the Paris underworld at the beginning of the twentieth century, where we come across Gaston Leroux and other colorful characters. From the catacombs to the Sainte-Anne insane asylum, from the Opera Garnier to the theatres, from hot air balloon rides to the roar of a two-seater horsepower Bugatti, the protagonists cross paths with famous characters and gather around them a league of extraordinary gentlemen.

Title: On se souvient du nom des assassins pp. He lives in France. Qaanaaq is his first crime novel. Qaanaaq A thick blanket of snow, motionless icebergs, crepuscular light: life in Greenland seems peaceful enough. When a series of unexplained murders occurs, a Danish inspector of Inuit descent is dispatched to the scene. His name? Title: Qaanaaq Orig. Qaanaaq Adriensen, an expert in criminal cases in Copenhagen, is sent to investigate a strange series of murders. But not just anywhere.

On the Greenland ice sheet, a disputed territory fought over by several nations, the bodies of four workers have been found in shreds. Is is winter, when daylight never comes. Not easy to see things clearly. Especially for Qaanaaq. Having renounced his Inuit ancestry, returning to his country of origin brings back ghosts from the past. Faced with polar bear hunting and snowstorms, Qaanaaq discovers that Greenland is anything but a white desert of calm and serenity. In sharp contrast to how we imagine the land of ice.

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