Le don de lamour (SPIRITUA/POCHE) (French Edition)

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Le don de lamour (SPIRITUA/POCHE) (French Edition) Carlo Maria

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Guez, Fabien Dr. Kouffman Sherman, Paulette Dr. Nehls, Michael Dr. Singla, Aneesh Dr. So, I have to agree with your sister — shit happens :. The feeling the first hours and days after loosing it is really awful, though…. Oh, Garance! Sending you a big hug! When I was in college, my first love bought me a very expensive watch and I lost it. I had been meaning to get a safety catch put on it, but never got around to it…and then this happened. The watch had fallen off my wrist one evening as I was walking back to my dorm from the library really.

I figured that I bumped my wrist against the books I was carrying and it released the catch. I beat myself up over that for a long time, but my boyfriend was very sweet about it. Well, of course that guy and I eventually broke up and a few years later I met my now husband of 34 years. Somehow I was sure that I was going to read at the end of the text that you found it. In such mysterious cases most of the time I do find the lost object in the weirdest place ever. Could the bracelet have fallen somewhere in you luggage, or a pocket? I don t know… At least I hope if someone has it now to see the post and write.

The sad thing is that we suffer so very much about our lost beloved objects, that even if we find them in a week or a year, all the happiness we live through at that moment can never compensate even half the sad tears we cried. I feel exactly the same way. Adolescente, je portais cette bague tout le temps, comme un talisman et quelques mois avant de passer mon bac, patatra, elle glisse de mon doigt sous la douche pour terminer dans les canalisations. Je le porte tous les jours, il est toujours quelque part sur moi.

I did loose a ring from my Mom but it found its way back to me months later, in different country. I still wonder how it happened — was I that absentminded? I put all the important and personal things to that bag with purpose of keeping them safe. Did it get stolen? I felt so so so bad, especially for taking so bad care of the gift. Amazingly, my boyfriend surprised me later with identical se to sunglasses.

I better to give him the best presents in the world forever for that I still do not have the heart to tell my mother about losing her gifts, so anxiously trying to buy identical bag from japan before she comes to visit.

I also ordered the perfume. Luckily the things I lost were replaceable - with tears and financial sacrifice. If the items would have been jewelry or otherwise irreplaceable I would have felt so much worse. OK, so this is a true story: when I was a kid, I got a delicate white gold chain with my horoscope sign on it and I wore it for years and years and years. I also started seeing it as a kind of my amulet, as if nothing bad could happen while I had it with me. One day, and I was around 13 at the time, I was just regularly and peacefully walking home from school.

Céline Dion - L'amour existe encore (French Lyric Video with English Translation)

I had it around my neck when I left the school, but by the time I was almost home less then 15 minutes I suddenly realized it was gone! It seemed almost indestructible through the biggest part of the growing up of a hyperactive child, only to slid down my neck, unnoticed, while I was calmly walking home! I could not believe it!

I was crushed and, even worse, I was overflown with a sudden feeling of uncertainty — I have lost my safety blanket! What did it mean? I cried myself to sleep that night. Next morning, I was walking to school still unable to come to terms with the loss of my beloved chain. I was with a few friends and I was trying to be brave and cheerfully chat them up, but my heart was broken.

Guillaume Apollinaire-Alcools (Athlone French Poets) (French Edition)(2001)

My neck was painfully naked and there was no comforting feeling of the little Scorpio bouncing on my chest with my every step. Suddenly, as we were walking, I saw something flashing in the pavement right in front of me. I could not believe it: it was my chain laid out perfectly on the asphalt exactly on my way, reflecting sunlight as if to make itself more noticeable.

It was like magic! I changed my ways to school frequently, sometimes going this way, other times that way…and it was in the center of a big city, where thousands and thousand people had passed since I lost it yesterday- and nobody had noticed it? I grabbed it, put it around my neck and was the happiest girl in the world…at least, until the puberty hit just a few months afterward, but that is a completely different story.

Ah, mais je te comprends et je partage le sentiment de vertige!!! I know, it may sound silly and twisted, but the thing is, if you want to give a meaning to what happened, you can always choose to give it a positive one….

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I lost half of my honeymoon photos… I never got to see them. Beautiful places like Berchtesgaden, Lake Bled and Sarajevo. The memory stick broke, and before I got it fixed I physically lost it. And it was so stupid: I just misplaced the stick and never found it again. The worst part was that for months, we were convinced we could find it and so I never moved on. When I was little, I had a sticker book that was filled with the BEST stickers that I collected — shiny ones, furry ones, scratch and sniff ones.

I loved it like crazy, especially the ones that my mum got me on her travels, and during all my free time, I would obsessively compulsively arrange and rearrange the stickers in straight rows. All the best stickers were there. I remember that there were big dinosaurs, colourful unicorns, etc.

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  • It was the worst feeling in the world. The incident also killed all my ability to attach sentimental value to objects from that day onwards. Which is probably a very good thing because I lose things all the time. Sorry for your loss Garance. I really hope the bracelet turns up miraculously and comes home to you!!!!!!! Let us know if it does!