Long Reach Ein Eddie Savage Thriller (German Edition)

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I bought this as I thought I had an unread full length novel of his, and wanted to try him out in this Quick Read first. Never mind, I have discovered a new-to-me author. I really enjoyed it, I always enjoy Kernick's books, I really struggle with short ones though as I get frustrated with the end Albeit a little gory for public place reading.

This was quite a good, and at just over 90 pages, was indeed a quick read. I did find it a little predictable, but it was well-written and I did enjoy it. A solid 4 stars. A lesson here in how to write an exciting and compelling story within a limited number of words. A great short read. Fast paced and filled with tension and keeps you gripped until the end. This book was very short and sweet, or rather short and very disturbing!!

As the story starts we are just being introduced to all the characters, when things begin to happen. Things speed along at a quick pace and don't slow down until the end. There is also an ending that I never saw coming and it made me raise my eyebrows!! The text is very descriptive and gives the reader a great sense of what is going on. A great short read and I would now like to read one of the author's full-length novels!! Another quick read, reason why I picked it up? The title caught my attention.

Between the title and the synopsis it did sound like some good low budget movies I'd seen before, and I felt this quick thrilling read didn't disappoint. Two couples go away for a holiday to the Scottish Highlands, but whilst out hiking they come across a half naked badly beaten young lady who doesn't speak English. Should the group help her?

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What has she escaped from? Who has done this to her? Short but brilliant I must admit, I'm a bit of a sucker for these Quick Reads and I also admit to having forgotten I'd got this one so I was excited to read it and I certainly wasn't disappointed!! Quite how Simon Kernick managed to pack so much action in to such a short story i don't know, but give the man a medal and quick!!

Funny how it's put me off staying somewhere quiet and secluded now!! It got me only like an hour to finish it but the thrilling feel was still there. Especially after I read the ending. Since it is a short story, I can't put high expectation on the character development, story depth, etc.

However, this book is not a disappointment. The plot was good enough to enjoy and even though the ending was not unexpected, the twist was still there. It was a good read. This is a short fast paced thriller. The problem is that it is short. The characters are just there and you don't get to know them. I feel I would have enjoyed this more as a full length novel. It was good in places but the ending just wasn't as shocking as it could have been. I would read more from the same author based on it. I got this from my local library to read in a 24 hour readathon challenge.

This was a great quick read.

PDF Long Reach Ein Eddie Savage Thriller (German Edition)

I really loved the story and must admit that I did guess some of the things that was going to happen, but still enjoyed it. The ending though was brilliant!! An amazing twist that I didn't see coming at all!!! Will be on the look out for more books by this author. There is a lot of similarity in this plot to another of his books, Staying Alive. In fact I thought at one point I was reading the same book again.

All his books are a thrill ride, not to be taken too seriously despite the violence and murder mayhem. This book was a typical short read. It was well written and good for its purpose. An unsettling short read.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Simon Kernick.

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Simon Kernick. Whilst he was a student his jobs included fruitpicker and Christmas-tree uprooter. He graduated from Brighton Polytechnic in with a degree in humanities. Kernick had a passion for crime fiction writing from a young age and produced many short stories during his time at polytechnic.

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Kernick was a key member of the sales team and was very highly regarded. However, he left the company after 4 years in the hope of trying to secure a publishing deal.

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Despite interest from a number of publishers Kernick was unable to secure a deal, so he joined the sales force of the specialist IT and Business Consultancy Metaskil plc in Aldermaston, Berkshire in where he remained until he secured his first book deal The Business of Dying in September Money 3. Respect 4. Money Things Nevin does not give a shit about; 1. Killing women 2. Killing children 3.

The innocent 4. Puppies I'm actually just making an educated guess here 5. Ev Nevin is a bad, bad man. Everything else The story begins with South Boston Irish gangster Kyle Nevin being released from prison after an eight year stretch for armed robbery. He refused parole and did all of his time. Nevin was set up by his one time mentor, a Whitey Bulger type character known as "Red" Mahoney. Nevin deeply wants revenge against Red, who has fled Bulger like. In order to fund his search for Red, Nevin cooks up a kidnapping plan that goes horribly wrong.

From the text it is clear that what we are reading is a draft written by Nevin for future publication. Also from the text it is clear that Nevin is quite unreliable in his narration. One of the more interesting twists is Nevin's entry into the world of publishing after his crimes make him a celebrity.