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He had done this before.

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We were newbies. People flowed past us on the sidewalk, heading in the same direction. Excitement tingled in the warm night air.

When is the best time of year to visit Istanbul?

The first day of May, to my winter-chapped skin, felt like the warm caress of June. And we had just bought tickets from a scalper.

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The day before, I had hopped on a plane, luxuriated in day-drinking, wandered the U. Midway, and gobbled up finger-licking pizza in Little Italy. San Diego, the city spooning an ocean, is a destination for all twelve months. Not just for when you quit your job. But if you did, I highly recommend going to San Diego. Some natives — of the male persuasion — swear they live year round in flip flops and shorts.

If only to get your toes more quickly into the sand. Pack sunscreen to ward off sunburns from days frolicking on the beaches, exploring the San Diego Zoo, or catching a baseball game at Petco Park perched high above the city. Make sure that it is water-resistant, as you will need to wear sunscreen when snorkeling and swimming as well.

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In addition to your carry-on bag you should only need one duffle bag as your main luggage for your Galapagos tour. Your duffle or suitcase should be well made and durable to take the punishment the airlines often impose on luggage. It is worth spending a little more on a good piece of luggage, as it should last you for a long time.

My name is Paul. I am a photographer, traveler, teacher and writer.

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I have extensive experience in travel to Galapagos, Peru, Patagonia and the western seaboard of South America specializing in ways travelers can experience these once-in-a-life destinations like locals on the road. Lover of wine, chocolate, travel, coffee, and helping others plan vacations of a lifetime! Quasar Expeditions has long been a service of choice for retired adventurers who have discerning tastes when it comes to their global travels. But what many travelers in their golden years may not know is that one of the absolute best times to travel with Quasar to the Galapagos Islands is during the fall months.

Quasar Expeditions has been providing world-class small yacht travel to the Galapagos for over three decades. One feature that some of our travelers have noticed missing from our high-end yacht …. From otherworldly wildlife to breathtaking scenery and extraordinary underwater landscapes, the Galapagos is an internationally-renowned destination for photographers. With instruction from the right guide, you will be reliving your cruise ….

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In a way, the Galapagos Islands have become the best and worst thing to ever happen to tourism in Ecuador. They bring more travelers to the ….

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Deck shoes or Sandals The soles of your hiking shoes will often be dirty from the island excursions and, in order to keep your yacht clean, outfitters recommend that you bring a light pair of deck shoes or thongs for when on the yacht. Thin and Breathable Hiking Socks Bring enough pairs of comfortable and not too thick hiking socks to last you for the entire duration of your Galapagos cruise.

Light Back Pack or Fanny Pack This bag stays with you at all times during a Galapagos tour and will most likely be your carry-on. Sunglasses with Security Strap The equatorial sun in Galapagos can be pretty intense and a good pair of dark sunglasses with a security strap is recommended. Dublin, in east-central Ireland, gets an average of fourteen hours sunlight in September, while the western and northern parts of the country may receive much less.

They are also much wetter, though temperatures there may be slightly higher, due to the warming effects of the Gulf Stream. The city of Valentia averages five inches of September rain. September rain in Ireland is often misty and "soft," falling continuously throughout the day, punctured by periods of sun. A waterproof trench coat allows for these changes and compliments nearly any outfit. Rubber rain boots aren't often seen in Ireland, except in muddy, rural areas; Irish city-dwellers make do with tall, sturdy boots.

Avoid over-sized slickers and ponchos; invest in a high-quality umbrella that won't break or invert.

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Except in the highest mountains, snow at any time of year is rare in Ireland. When packing for the outdoors, concentrate on protection from wet and cold, rather than snow. Be sure to bring at least two sweaters and layer them for unpredictable weather. Those engaging in more extreme outdoor activities — such as boating or cycling — should be prepared with head-to-toe waterproof gear suited to their chosen sport.