Stoned Success Shift 101: Dannys Story A Crime Story About A Love Story

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Angel gives chase but loses the killer. Angel accuses Skinner of the murders, but his alibi is backed up by video footage. Angel theorises they may be multiple killers, but Frank shoots down the idea.

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Angel subdues Armstrong and follows clues that lead him to a secret NWA meeting. Angel confronts the NWA and tries to arrest them. Pretending to dispose of the body, Danny helps Angel escape the NWA; he begs him to leave the village for his own safety. At a petrol station, Angel is inspired by the movies he watched with Danny, and returns to Sandford.

He arms himself with the confiscated guns and reunites with Danny. The pair engage in shootouts with the NWA, then besiege the supermarket with the rest of the police, forcing Skinner to flee with Inspector Butterman. After a car chase that ends in a model village of Sandford itself, Skinner and Frank are arrested.

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Danny takes a bullet for Angel, and in the process Weaver accidentally activates the confiscated naval mine, destroying the station and killing him. Obligatory Scenes for a Thriller include the following:. Obligatory Scenes for an Action Story include the following [Leslie] :. Conventions for a Thriller include the following:. Conventions for the Action Story include the following:.

Wants: Justice, to be great at his job, to solve the mystery, and save the victims.

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Steven Pressfield has a blog series on theme published February — May that I highly recommend. He talks about what theme is and how it informs a story. He says that a theme gives us the climax, the villains, the point of view, the hero, the title, the inciting incident and the supporting cast of characters. That person is Danny Butterman, and then by extension, the village of Sandford.

There, he carries on alienating the entire community with his moral absolutism. Complications begin as the unprofessionalism of his new colleagues starts to drive him nuts. He recovers his dignity—barely—by trying to take the swan incident seriously. He has to choose between following up on the rather stupid swan incident that has precedence, or apprehending a real criminal, the shoplifter. His decision to pursue the real criminal is the climax. The negative resolution is that Skinner, the shop owner who was victimized, refuses to press charges.

While on a routine speed trap, Angel and Danny cite a man for speeding. The inciting incident of the middle build is when that man and his girlfriend are found horribly murdered. Everyone calls it an accident. Complications : Three increasingly horrific murders follow, which the other officers, with increasing stupidity, insist on calling accidents. The final complication comes when the black-hooded murderer attacks Angel in his hotel room. The hero has become the personal target of the villain.

When Angel discovers that the murders are actually a conspiracy of all the village council members, wearing black hooded robes and chanting in Latin, his crisis choice is to confront them or save himself. You come stay with us. Danny never got the chance to move back in with them. After about a year, they moved to a house on Medayto Drive and lived there until Danny was five.

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  • Not long after, the two of them decided to call it quits. Russ was awarded custody of Danny in They lived there until Danny was about Russ was working a night job in Willmar during that time, so Danny often stayed with his aunt Gail and uncle Ryan who lived nearby in Spicer. It had been over an hour since Russ and I had first started talking when Lidia his second wife came home from work. She had just stopped home to change clothes and needed to leave right away to attend a memorial service for a friend. We said a quick hello, and before long, she was off again.

    I happened to bump into her and found out it was her birthday the next day, so I asked her if I could take her out for her birthday. We ended up going out to Hi-Tops in Spicer to listen to the band. Lidia has four children: Daniel, Sonia, Jai, and Mari. Her youngest daughter, Mari, was just a few months younger than Danny and had plans to go to college for nursing after graduating in Unfortunately, with Danny going missing and a lack of college funding, her plans were put on hold.

    Go down and talk to the recruiters.

    Take Note - A Life Story, A Love Story

    Not just one or two… talk to ALL of them… and do your own thinking. She talked to all the recruiters like Russ had suggested, and then decided to join the National Guard. Russ and Lidia were both proud of Mari and happy that she would be able to pursue her goal of attending college and getting a nursing degree. Then, around Thanksgiving of , she came home and announced to Lidia and Russ that she was going to Iraq. After mulling things over for a few days, he came up with a solution.

    Danny's Story A Crime Story About A Love Story

    He was 45 years old by this time and had been out of the service for 10 years. The recruiter told him he just needed to pass the physical exam.

    He passed and was enlisted into the National Guard. Then, in the summer of , we were at Camp Ripley for two weeks. I knew who the commander was that was taking the Red Bulls over, and he happened to be eating breakfast in the mess hall at the same time I was. He returned to the mess hall and waited by the back door until the Lieutenant finished his breakfast.

    This is my son. I came back in because I want to go fight for our country in Iraq. I also think it will help me with my head.

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    You know, since I got here, I see all these kids packing to go that are only 19, 20, Why do they have to go? One of them could stay home, and I can go in his or her place. Someone will get in touch with you. They talked for about an hour, then he returned to his unit. Tomorrow morning, you need to report to Psych. So, the next morning, Russ reported to Psych. He met with four different people that day… each for about an hour. After the last meeting, they led Russ into another room. You are fit to go to Iraq. As Russ tells me about his time in Iraq, he is animated and full of life.

    He rises to his feet and explains that he served as a T. Although they served with different companies Russ with Alpha, and Mari with Bravo , their motor pools were located right next to each other, so they were able to see and visit with each other several times a week. Russ served an month extended deployment with the Red Bulls in Iraq. Two women from his convoy support team helped Russ write the letter. One was his driver; the other was his gunner. So they helped me. A friend scanned a copy of it and emailed it to Russ in Iraq.

    As we started to wrap things up, I asked Russ if there was anything else he wanted to tell me about Danny. This was a surprise. I asked him to tell me more. Russ told me that Danny was really into drawing the last couple years of his life. Russ even talked to him about the possibility of supporting him if Danny wanted to pursue it as a career. If they thought he had talent, it said they would get back to him. He drew the pirate and sent it in, and after a few weeks, he got a letter back from them.

    It said they wanted him to attend a drawing school, but he had no car, no money. That was probably six months before he went missing.

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    As a high school senior in St. Paul, Minnesota, Charles Schulz knew he wanted to be a cartoonist. Despite the exorbitant cost to his father during the Great Depression, Schulz enrolled. Thanks to the debut of his Peanuts strip in , he remains their most famous alumnus. Could You Draw This Turtle?

    I loved this story, and was so happy Russ shared it with me.

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    In that moment, I could see that Danny was a kid with hopes and dreams, just like the rest of us.