Süß ist die Angst: Thriller (German Edition)

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Es ist beinah wie eine Reise Im alten wohlbekannten Gleise. Der Weg ist grad und flach das Land, Rechts, links und unten nichts wie Sand. Du bist behaglich eingenickt. Da gibt es weder Bier noch Wein. Schlaf wohl und segne den Verfasser! Comment A Polished Performance Citizens of the polished capital Sigh for the towns up country, And their innocent simplicity. People in the towns up country Applaud the unpolished innocence Of the distant villages. Dwellers in the distant villages Speak of a simple unspoilt girl, Living alone, deep in the bush.

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Christian Morgenstern. Zeit gab's genug - und Zahlen auch. Wo blieb sein Reich? Wo blieb er selb?

Du entschiedest dich, Kastanie, und sprangst auf die Erde, glatt und bereit, fest und eben wie ein kleiner Busen der Inseln Amerikas. Meine Hand ist dir viel zu breit. Rainer Maria Rilke , Er war von einer Prinzessin beleckt. Da war die Liebe in ihm erweckt. So liebte er sie vergebens. Das ist die Tragik des Lebens! Joachim Ringelnatz. Comment The Road Not Taken Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim Because it was grassy and wanted wear, Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same,.

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Den 27ten April Franz Grillparzer. Sechs Schweine verloren! Trotz dieser trennenden Kleinigkeit Lernten sie doch dann sich leiden Und gingen klug und bescheiden Abwechselnd durch die Zeit Und gaben einander Kraft und Mut. Und so ist das gut. In plains that room for shadows make Of skirting hills to lie, Bound in by streams which give and take Their colours from the sky; Or on the mountain-crest sublime, Or down the oaken glade, O what have I to do with time?

For this the day was made. Cities of mortals woe begone Fantastic care derides, But in the serious landscape lone Stern benefit abides.

Sheen will tarnish, honey cloy, And merry is only a mask of sad, But, sober on a fund of joy, The woods at heart are glad. There the great Planter plants Of fruitful worlds the grain, And with a million spells enchants The souls that walk in pain.

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Still on the seeds of all he made The rose of beauty burns; Through times that wear, and forms that fade, Immortal youth returns. The black ducks mounting from the lake, The pigeon in the pines, The bittern's boom, a desert make Which no false art refines. Down in yon watery nook, Where bearded mists divide, The gray old gods whom Chaos knew, The sires of Nature, hide.

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Aloft, in secret veins of air, Blows the sweet breath of song, O, few to scale those uplands dare, Though they to all belong! See thou bring not to field or stone The fancies found in books; Leave authors' eyes, and fetch your own, To brave the landscape's looks. And if, amid this dear delight, My thoughts did home rebound, I well might reckon it a slight To the high cheer I found. Oblivion here thy wisdom is, Thy thrift, the sleep of cares; For a proud idleness like this Crowns all thy mean affairs. Comment Serenade So sweet the hour, so calm the time, I feel it more than half a crime, When Nature sleeps and stars are mute, To mar the silence ev'n with lute.

At rest on ocean's brilliant dyes An image of Elysium lies: Seven Pleiades entranced in Heaven, Form in the deep another seven: Endymion nodding from above Sees in the sea a second love. Within the valleys dim and brown, And on the spectral mountain's crown, The wearied light is dying down, And earth, and stars, and sea, and sky Are redolent of sleep, as I Am redolent of thee and thine Enthralling love, my Adeline.

Her plans are accepted but then she is blackmailed by her own husband who claims the work as his own.

Tante Poldi is annoyed. First her water was turned off and now her neighbour's dog has been murdered. But then she is seduced by her prime suspect and the next morning a body is found in his garden. Inspector Montano is not amused. Summer, Chancellor Adenauer travels to the Black Forest where several death threats await him. Among those tasked with protecting him is Rosa, a German Jew who fled the country in the s and who now works for the Israeli secret service. Continuation of the story of an unusual relationship between a man and a woman from "Gut gegen Nordwind".

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When Leo replies to an accidentally sent email from a stranger, he has no idea that this will change his entire life. Berlin, A controversial painter is found dead in his atelier. At first, all the links lead to a mysterious organisation called Asgard. Inspector Leo Wechsler investigates a possible case of industrial sabotage in the fashion houses of s Berlin.

London, Matilda Gray is an independent woman, working as a teacher in a girls' school. When her favourite pupil stops coming to class, Matilda fears the worst and sets out to find her. Berlin A body is discovered in the shed at a high school. Is the mysterious owner of the cabaret next door involved?

And what about the upset young Russian who was seen nearby just before the body was found? Leo Wechsler investigates. Police inspector Sigi Kamm and psychologist Alicia Behrens are forced to work together on the case of two missing children. In the late summer of , Oberkommissar Heller returns from a family holiday on the Baltic coast back to Dresden where he is immediately given a mysterious case to solve.

Dresden, two years after the Second World War ended and the city is still in rubble. Max Heller is summoned to investigate a crime but gets sidetracked. Dresden, Amidst the rubble left following an Allied bombing raid on the city, Inspector Heller is on the hunt for a brutal killer. A serial killer is on the loose in Bern. He leaves behind mysterious markings on the bodies of his victims. After a string of suicides among a group of colleagues, Sabine Nemez, an instructor in the Federal Criminal Police Office, finds it hard to believe they were not in fact staged murders. A portrait of a summer full of adventures for a "middle aged" couple, the flight of time, changing and becoming older.

The book will show the reader that it's not just about the years to come, it's about every moment of life. The author tells the story of the daily attempt of a growing girl to understand her family and the people around her. Christian returns to an idyllic village of his childhood only to discover that behind the happy facade there is a much darker reality. Thaddea, early 30s, wealthy, has her life under control. She owns two spectacular houses in and sets her first steps into a life as a free therapist.

But as her best friend Kata cheats her with her friend Ben-Luca, she falls into a feeling-haze. All her life Elisabetta has lived in the same house in Vienna. Every year she makes apricot jam from the fruits in her garden, in a ritual that binds her to her past. What is it like to return to a small Frisian village after years elsewhere?

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Nothing has changed it seems…. This powerful novel of guilt and atonement set in Chechnya, Moscow and Berlin tells the story of three very different families, from the decline of the Soviet Union until the present day.

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In "Bungalow" Helene Hegemann clearly and radically tells us about survival in an increasingly apocalyptic world and the vital power of free will. When a body is found, retired policeman Alexander Swoboda, who was planning to spend some lovely time painting in Normandy, cannot stand back…. Friedeward and Wolfgang are young and in love but they live in s Catholic Germany and their love can never accepted. A move to Leipzig to study offers them new opportunities and new possibilities for their relationship.

When a boyfriend of ten years breaks up with her over the phone, the protagonist is truly shocked. Yet soon she is to discover that being single in your forties is not that bad after all. The islanders of Sylt are shocked by a series of burglaries targeting elderly women living on their own. Three childhood friends meet after years of sporadic contact united by grief after the unexpected death of a mutual friend, Marie.