Tennis Serve Technique and Tips: The How-To Guide

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How-to: Tennis Serve - Pro Tennis Tips

Mastering the basic serve technique isn't easy - watch this guide and follow the progressions tips to get a sound and reliable basic serve technique. Don't just stand there and hope for the best.

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If you're going to win matches then you have to break serve - and that starts with a great return of serve. Discover more by watching this guide to return of serve technique Click here to find out more Dont forget to subscribe to the intosport. Discover how to master the single-handed backhand to perfect your game of tennis. Learn to hit a one-handed tennis backhand like Federer or Henin and become a champion!

7 Tips for Return of Serve

This instructional video will give you informative instructions to ensure you get good at tennis. Mario Llano teaches single handed backhand technique. Line the front of your right shoulder up in the direction you want the ball to travel. While having the ball in the left hand and the racquet in your right, bounce the ball a couple of times in preparation for the serve.

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Afterwards, bring the ball to the racquet face and shift some of your weight onto the front foot to prepare for the ball toss. Next is the ball toss. After tossing the ball up, bend your knees while shifting most of your weight from the front foot to the back foot.

Step 1: Correct your Service Stance

This helps to concentrate all your power to the right side of your body, as well as helping you to jump to to the point of contact to hit the ball. Bring your racquet behind you with the elbow bent in preparation of the serve. Pretend like you are about to whip something, preferably an inanimate object that cannot feel pain.

Again, imagine that the ball is further in front of you and you are about to whip it. Swing with as much force as you can muster while turning your shoulders; the sweet spot of your racquet will lie slightly above the center of your racquet. After you have hit the ball, follow through by bringing your racquet down toward the bottom of your opposite foot, making sure to bend your elbow in the process.

The Importance of a Great Toss

A slice serve is a little like the flat serve, although the way in which you hit the ball is slightly different. This is a good tennis serve to use to get your opponent guessing. The grip used to perform this tennis serve is the continental grip can also use an eastern grip.

Tennis Serve Lesson for Beginners - How To Hit a Serve

This is to get the ball farther away from you in order to perform the slice serve properly. You will also need to bend your knees to help you jump in the air to reach the point of contact. At the point of contact, you will be hitting the ball on the outside with a brushing motion left to right for right-handed players and right to left for left-handed player , rather than dead center like a flat serve. This brushing motion helps to create side spin , which will help it to curve in the air and also once it bounces on the ground. The topspin serve is a tennis serve that travels straight like a flat serve but bounces high for your opponent, which can put you on the offense as you have time to setup.

The topspin serve also uses a continental grip can also use a eastern grip. The biggest difference between how a topspin serve is executed vs. With the toss, you would have to throw the ball directly above your head or a little bit behind your head. This differs from a flat serve in which you would toss the ball slightly forward so that it would land within the court close to the baseline if you were to let it fall.

As for the point of contact, instead of hitting the ball as it descends with a downward motion of the racquet, you will be hitting the ball with an upward motion. You will be hitting the ball with a brushing motion in order to create spin and the harder you brush the ball, the more spin it will have. You can think of a kick serve as a mix between a topspin serve and a slice serve.