The Opening Window

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Note: All Windows application icons can be easily identified by the Parallels Desktop symbol in the lower-right corner of the icon.

4 Reasons To Open Your Windows And Let In The Fresh Spring Air

This folder is available in the macOS Dock and contains all your Windows applications. As you install more applications, they are automatically added. Note: You can also Control-click or Right-click the Parallels icon. When you open a Windows application, its icon appears in the macOS Dock at the bottom of the screen. By default when you close the application, the icon disappears from the Dock.

Open a Windows Application

Keeping a application's icon in the Dock provides a quick way to open the application anytime. Now you can open the application again anytime by clicking the icon in the Dock. You can see a full screen display of all your Windows applications and Mac applications using Launchpad. Just click the Launchpad icon looks like a rocket in the Dock. You can then click any macOS application to open it.

To open a Windows application, click the Windows folder and then click the application you want. Note: The Windows folder is available in Launchpad only if sharing Windows applications is enabled.

MitiS - Open Window (feat. Anna Yvette)

To move a Windows application from the Windows folder to a main Launchpad page, do one of the following:. OpenGL code! Well, not really. It will prove very useful soon.

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Build this and run. A window should appear, and be closed right away. Of course! We need to wait until the user hits the Escape key :.

And this concludes our first tutorial! In Tutorial 2, you will learn how to actually draw a triangle.

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Prerequisites No special prerequisite is needed to follow these tutorials. Building the tutorials All tutorials can be built on Windows, Linux and Mac. For all these platforms, the procedure is roughly the same : Update your drivers!! Building on Windows Updating your drivers should be easy.

Inward or Outward Opening Windows

We suggest using Visual Studio Express for Desktop as a compiler. You can download it for free here. Install whichever you want. Click on the Configure button. Since this is the first time you configure the project, CMake will ask you which compiler you would like to use. Choose wisely depending on step 1.


Click on Configure until all red lines disappear. Click on Generate. Your Visual Studio project is now created. You can now forget about CMake. You will see a Tutorials. A black window should appear.

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  5. Install the latest drivers. We highly recommend the closed-source binary drivers. Click on the hammer on the bottom. Choose Xcode.

    Awning Windows

    Your Xcode project is now created. You can forget about CMake. Running the tutorials You should run the tutorials directly from the right directory : simply double-click on the executable.