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Certainly it would make Blake feel invaded by some unpleasant transgressor, a Dionysian element as if Neptune, whom he had welcomed at first as his friendly deity when he and Catherine moved to the seaside, was now creeping in as an invader and also as a deceiver.

However, at the trial held at Chichester Jan. The whole incident was nonetheless a peculiar culmination to this time in his life when Blake could have chosen the easy path of conforming to what his patron Hayley needed and for once securing himself a less precarious mode of living which he sometimes seemed to yearn for. But did he really stand a chance?

What did he mean by this, we wonder? And why were friendships and general dealings with the collective always so problematic for him?

Shadow Work: The Ultimate Guide + Free Psychological Test

Blake constantly found himself passed over by those of lesser talents, illustrating books of inferior poets to himself. By the time the incident took place with the soldier, he had already come to the end of his tether and this incident was probably an expression of his frustration and anger that Paradise had after all turned so sour. He felt that it was in his native place, in Soho, London , that he was more at ease, more in tune with his visions. And so he returned to live at South Molton St.

Angels and Devils, visions of Heaven and Hell. I will not cease from Mental Fight,. Nor shall my Sword sleep in my Hand. For a Sagittarian, with a Sun-Jupiter conjunction, Blake was strangely insular by nature. But he has Cancer Rising plus the Moon in that sign in the 12th house. Emotionally and by habit, he preferred the introverted, inward poetic gaze to the external, limited world of form. Form came through his fiery poetry and pictures.

Though he adored Nature he never did landscape drawing for he saw everything with the mythic, imaginative eye that found meaning in all things. Nature was suffused with the Divine and played upon his deepest emotions and feeling imbues all his works. His visions are as meaningful now as they were then. In fact, Blake was a very modern man and many of his pictures border on surrealism.

The Monsters Inside Us: Which Literary Monster Shares Your Personality Type?

True his tendency was to be positive and optimistic and joyful and see the good in everyone but this naturally had its judgmental, rejecting opposite lurking in the Shadow. Here he seems to speak of his own inner intuition of the Self, his inner core identity.

He tried over and over again to embody this fierce, highly personal vision of God in his work and to understand Him through it. He painted, wrote of it all in his verses and songs and gloriously illustrated books with intense passion Mercury in Scorpio square Mars-Neptune in Leo ; the eternal struggle of the visionary against the cramping, stifling bonds of realism. It also indicates the problems he always felt over well meaning friends who, while feeling intuitively that he was a talented person and genuinely trying to help him, seemed unable to truly understand his work or appreciate his real genius except towards the end of his life.

Basically Blake was a true alchemist who had to follow the solitary path of his own Great Work, magician, distiller, dissolver, working unceasingly on his vision till the end of his life. He needed to be alone and retreat from the world for he was engaged on a supreme task.

Karl Ove Knausgaard Looks Back on “My Struggle”

His efforts were the superhuman efforts towards unity and cohesion of the disparate and confused pieces of oneself that float about in the psyche like the pieces of Osiris flung here and there by Dark Seth. His beloved wife Catherine who worked patiently beside him, sublimating her own personality to help him, was his Isis, his soror mystica , the spiritual sister who labours with the alchemist on his task. William Blake was born 28th November and died 12th August X1X p.

They were trapped in the Shadow. Each of us is like Dorian Grey. We seek to present a beautiful, innocent face to the world; a kind, courteous demeanour; a youthful, intelligent image.


And so, unknowingly but inevitably, we push away those qualities that do not fit the image, that do not enhance our self-esteem and make us stand proud but, instead, bring us shame and make us feel small. We shove into the dark cavern of the unconscious those feelings that make us uneasy — hatred, rage, jealousy, greed, competition, lust, shame — and those behaviours that are deemed wrong by the culture — addiction, laziness, aggression, dependency — thereby creating what could be called shadow content.

There is actually gold to be found within the Shadow. For example, so much of our creative potential is submerged within our darkness because we were taught when little to reject it. Not everything within our Shadow is doom and gloom. In fact, the Shadow contains some of our most powerful gifts and talents, such as our artistic, sexual, competitive, innovative, and even intuitive aptitudes.

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By doing Shadow Work, we learn that every single emotion and wound that we possess has a gift to share with us. Rejecting, suppressing, denying, or disowning your Shadow, whether consciously or unconsciously, is a dangerous thing. It craves to be held in awareness.

This over-emphasis on the fluffy, transcendental, and feel-good elements of spiritual progression results in shallowness and phobia of whatever is too real, earthy, or dark. This is by no means a comprehensive list and there are likely many other issues out there.

In the Shadow of the Sword - Tom Holland [AUDIOBOOK] - Part 4

One of the biggest forms of Shadow rejection is something called projection. Projection is a term that refers to seeing things in others that are actually within ourselves.

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  • None of us are innocent in this area. We have ALL projected parts of our rejected self onto others. If we are seeking to bring peace, love, and meaning to our lives, we absolutely MUST reclaim these projections. Through Shadow Work, we can explore exactly what we have disowned. Firstly, I want to say that I have the highest respect for Shadow Work. I have also observed how Shadow Work has helped to create profound clarity, understanding, harmony, acceptance, release, and inner peace in the lives of others.

    It is truly deep work that makes changes on the Soul level targeting the very roots of our issues, not just the superficial symptoms. There is SO much to be gained from making Shadow Work a part of your life, and daily routine. Here are some of the most commonly experienced benefits:. But with persistence, they will eventually emerge and bless your life.

    So pay attention to the following questions and try to answer them honestly:. There are many Shadow Work techniques and exercises out there. In this guide, I will provide a few to help you start off. One Shadow Work practice I enjoy a great deal is paying attention to everything that shocks, disturbs and secretly thrills me. The reality is that what we react to, or what makes us angry and distressed, reveals extremely important information to us about ourselves. How did I discover this? Through my intense dislike of witnessing rape scenes in movies and TV shows, my negative reaction to novel experiences e.

    Thanks to this practice, I have welcomed more compassion, mindfulness, and forgiveness into my life. By this, I mean that, whatever riles, shocks, infuriates, disturbs and terrifies you, you must pay attention to. Likely, you will discover patterns constantly emerging in your life. Or you might be terrified of seeing death or dead people possibly revealing your resistance to the nature of life or a childhood trauma. Or you might be disgusted by alternative political, sexual and spiritual lifestyles possibly revealing your hidden desire to do the same. There are so many possibilities out there, and I encourage you to go slowly, take your time, and one by one pick through what you place importance in.

    Well, think for a moment. The moment you emotionally react to something is the moment you have given that thing power over you. Art is the highest form of self-expression and is also a great way to allow your Shadow to manifest itself.

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    Psychologists often use art therapy as a way to help patients explore their inner selves. Start by allowing yourself to feel or drawing on any existing dark emotions. Choose an art medium that calls to you such as pen and pencil, watercolor, crayon, acrylic paint, scrapbooking, sculpting, etc. Just let your hands, pen, pencil, or paintbrush do the talking. The more spontaneous, the better. Artistic expression can reveal a lot about your obscure darker half. Psychologist Carl Jung who conceptualized the Shadow Self idea was even famous for using mandalas in his therapy sessions.

    The act of creation can be intensely frustrating and can give birth to some of your darker elements such as impatience, anger, blood-thirsty competitiveness, and self-doubt. At the same time, starting a project also allows you to experience feelings of fulfillment and joy. Using self-awareness and self-exploration during the process of creation, you will be able to reap deeper insights into your darkness. You will likely be surprised by what you find!

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    For example, as a person who considers myself non-competitive, that assumption has been challenged by the act of writing this blog. Thanks to this project, the Shadow within me of ruthless competitiveness has shown its face, allowing me to understand myself more deeply. Reading through your dark thoughts and emotions can help you to recover the balance you need in life by accepting both light and dark emotions within you.