Two-Dimensional Optical Spectroscopy

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Waveguide-enhanced 2D-IR spectroscopy in the gas phase , G.

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Greetham, I. Clark, D. Weidmann, M. Ashfold, A. Orr-Ewing and M. Measuring correlated electronic and vibrational spectral dynamics using line shapes in two-dimensional electronic-vibrational spectroscopy , N.

Lewis, H. Dong, T.

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A method for the direct measurement of electronic site populations in a molecular aggregate using two-dimensional electronic-vibrational spectroscopy , N. Two-Dimensional Optical Spectroscopy.

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  6. Two-dimensional optical spectroscopies are recognised as incisive spectroscopic tools to explore structure and dynamics of complex molecular systems. Two-dimensional vibrational spectroscopy 2DIR is capable of probing the ground state structure and vibrational coupling of many chemical and biological systems. Illustrative linear absorption spectrum, and two possible energy structures that can explain the two peaks at e1 and e2 in the spectrum.

    Corresponding 2D frequency-frequency correlation spectrum, for the coupled species case.

    12.04 Two-dimensional NMR Spectroscopy

    Schematic diagram of the set-up for a 2DIR experiment in which the pump pulses are controlled by a pulse shaper. The top part of the figure shows the temporal sequence of pulses used in our experiments.

    Crossing disciplines - A view on two-dimensional optical spectroscopy — NYU Scholars

    Schematic DNA double helix. Quantum Dynamics. Linear Response Spectroscopy. Second-Order Response Spectroscopy. Third-Order Response Spectroscopy.

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    Two-Dimensional Pump-Probe Spectroscopy. Two-Dimensional Photon Echo Spectroscopy. Coupled Multi-Chromophore System. Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy of Coupled Dimers. Chemical Exchange and Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy. Polarization-Controlled Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy.

    Applications of Two-Dimensional Vibrational Spectroscopy. Coherent two-dimensional optical spectroscopy Minhaeng Cho.

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    Department of Chemistry. Abstract The study of coherent two-dimensional optical spectroscopy utilizing femtosecond IR-vis laser pulses have garnered great attention in the past decade since it can provide detailed and highly dense information on the molecular structure of peptides and proteins, molecular interactions and dynamics, nucleic acid structures, semiconductor dynamics chemical exchanges, population and coherence transfers in coupled multichromophore systems and many more. Fingerprint Semiconductors. Molecular Dynamics Simulation. Molecular Structure. Nucleic Acids.

    Spectrum Analysis. Molecular interactions. Molecular structure.