Vegan Bread Cookbook

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Now if I can just reduce the sodium content…. Glad you enjoyed it Jan! I actually accidentally left out the salt one time while testing it and it definitely tasted off, even with all the pumpkin spices. Something from a can would ensure a successful loaf as opposed to homemade due to moisture content differences.

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So happy this was the best for you too Michelle, thank you so much for making it!! And great sub idea for the small amount of milk! Another great looking recipe, thank you for sharing with us. I cannot find canned pumpkin puree in Australia. Do you think steamed mashed pumpkin well work just as well? Hi Julie, yes, should work! It may contain more moisture that way than the canned stuff, so just check for the clean toothpick in the baking, in case it takes longer! I did find this guide online from King Arthur, not sure how reliable it is with different flours and no oil, but give it a shot and you can always make adjustments for the next time.

Hi Brandi. Which do you recommend for this recipe? Hi Barb, I always use the whole grain spelt flour, not the white spelt! I doubled the recipe which made 3 smaller loaves. As I was measuring the spelt flour, I ran out with 99 grams remaining. Make it! I see the link you provided to the other pumpkin bread, thank you! Thanks SO much, Brandi, for taking the extra time to figure it out for us who have to eat GF and are vegan as well. I know what a huge baking hurdle that can be big hug to you!

Every recipe is delicious :. Thank you so much for the praise on my book, so kind of you, Tanya!! Thank you so much for your sweet words as well. I made this today.

Homemade Vegan Bread // Easy & Delicious

Everything else was exactly as written. Brandi, you are absolutely right when you say this is the BEST pumpkin bread ever! WOW, it is really delicious! I used your spice blend along with the pepper and the flavor is divine. You are a genius! So awesome to hear this Michele!! So glad it was the best for you as us, awesome feedback!

Thank you so much for the review and making it! Looks yummy! I loved it when I lived in the States.

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  5. Or you can probably find it online maybe to order? I know the feeling! Always recipes that look so mouth-watering good, but ingredients you hardly find in Europe. Not only did it make my house smell terrific while baking all those smells came through when you bite into this fabulous bread.

    Huge thumbs up from James!!! I also used her caramel glaze. Wow, just wow. I mean I have no words girl except this was the longest 45 minutes to wait for it to cool!! This turned out so delicious and THAT texture! I followed the recipe precisely and it is perfection. So quick and easy. Thank you, Brandi! This makes me so happy to hear Lana, thank you for the amazing review and gorgeous pics on Instagram!! Thank you so much for an amazing recipe!

    Loved the pumpkin bread! My year-olds made it last night! Is there any sub for the maple syrup? Even a partial sub? So wonderful to hear Allison!! Yes, you can sub with agave. Made this today and I really enjoyed it! Thank you for making a recipe with no oil, moistness, and so much fall flavor!

    Tuesday I made this with Buckwheat flour [denser texture] and then yesterday I went and bought Spelt flour [Lighter more cakey texture] because I really wanted to see how amazing it was with the correct flour.

    Easy Vegan Zucchini Bread

    And it was just as good. But, personally, I preferred the buckwheat — yes, the heavier and less soft texture! More like a cake that was a few days old [which is my preference] — I loved it. Anyway, I am clearly abnormal as all my family and my work colleagues tried both and preferred the spelt [so obviously I held the last bit of Buckwheat made pumpkin bread back for myself].

    9 best vegan cookbooks | The Independent

    Thank you! Yes, I always use whole grain spelt! I mean, look at that texture!! It looks so perfect, my friend! Yes, please!! I love the deep, bold flavor that clove brings so I know I would love this.

    Is vegan banana bread easy to make?

    Looks incredible, Brandi! This was so good! Mine needed to bake for 50 minutes. This usually works for me and the texture of the bread was perfect! Tastes like gingerbread. I love spelt, it always works so well. So glad you loved it Nicki!

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    Yes, brown sugar has molasses in it so it makes things very moist in baking! This is my first ever pumpkin anything.

    Vegan Plantain Bread

    I never baked or cooked with pumpkin before. I just made this and it is beyond amazing. It was indeed worth it to wait for it to cool down. This is outstanding! So moist and delicious!