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England promised to protect Belgium's frontier, and she is bound to do it. The Americans in Altheim, I found afterwards, were chiefly of German extraction, which accounted for the woman's behaviour. Early this morning three men arrived to search my room for weapons. Emile the housemaid here has four brothers at the war. Dreadful [20] rumours are flying about as to our destination. One day we hear we are to go to Denmark, another to Holland.

Sometimes we are told that we shall not be allowed to leave Germany until the war is over; again that we shall be sent away at a moment's notice; that we shall be left at the frontier, and have to walk for six hours, and carry our own luggage, etc. The German papers are perfectly horrible in their violent abuse of England, and we are so miserably anxious, not about ourselves, but about our dear, dear country, and how she is faring.

August 9th. No news! No letters!


No money! All of us are more or less packed up ready to start. August 10th. G—— raged against England. One is sick with longing to hear how the war gets on from the English point of view. The papers here never allude to England's movements—only to her moral delinquencies. I am so poverty-stricken now I wash my own pocket-handkerchiefs, guimpes, and blouses! The American part of our community have quite recovered their spirits since money has come for them. The United States is making every effort to rescue her people, and get them back in safety to America. No one seems to concern themselves about us, and we can't get away while mobilising is going on.

All Germans show the greatest deference to Americans, and call them "our honoured guests. Altheim people so far are passably civil to us, [22] but sometimes one has a disagreeable person to deal with, as I had to-day at the Bad Haus. The girl who stamps our tickets refused to pass mine until I could show her my Kur Karte.

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I had none, and told her so, and asked her why I should pay twenty marks for a card, when I could not get any of the privileges to which it entitled me: the band, terrace, reading-room, and so on. Every day there are fresh appeals to the patriotism of the people. They are pasted on walls, windows, and even trees. August 12th.

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S—— said to Dr. As the Government keeps all such disagreeable intelligence dark, it was news to the doctor, and he stoutly contradicted it, and went round the town afterwards telling people: "Just think what liars the English are; they say they have captured [23] our Crown Princess! August 13th. Also they declare that the most terrible atrocities have taken place in Belgium, where women have despatched wounded Germans on the field and shot doctors. The indignation is tremendous. August 14th. August 15th. After waiting a long time in the queue I had to beat a retreat, the neighbourhood of Polish Jews being too overpowering!

In the afternoon I ventured again with the same result. They say Holland is crammed with refugees, and the hotels so full that people are [24] sleeping on billiard tables even. We are allowed to choose between Switzerland and Holland. German papers express deepest disappointment that Italy has not been "ehrlich" honourable to her "Dreibund," and yet extraordinary people the Germans blame us for being true to ours.

August 16th. As I have not yet succeeded in getting through the crowds at the police station I still had mine.

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We hear dreadful tales of hardships endured by those who have managed to get away from other places. Some went by the Rhine steamers, which are now running, but wherever they passed a fortress they were made to go below. As the cabins were not enough for all, preference was given to other nationalities, and English people had to sit up all night on deck, even in pouring rain. The entire absence of news is for us quite terrible. One feels so out of the world, not knowing what is happening outside our prison doors.

The "Frankfurter Zeitung" is full of nothing but boasts and [25] untruths. A fresh "Bekanntmachung" has been posted up forbidding us to leave the town, and ordering us to be indoors by nine o'clock. August 17th. These men are the last to be requisitioned, being elderly. The Chief was a gruff, disagreeable old man, who, to my amiable "Guten Tag" and "Adieu" vouchsafed no reply.

Stolen Child

August 18th. We English are forbidden to go to Holland, and told that our destination is to be Denmark. Imagine crossing that mined sea now! For reasons of their own German authorities will not allow any of us to go by or near the Rhine. August 19th.

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What shocks one most is the [26] familiar and perpetual calling upon God to witness that He alone has led the Germans to victory and blessed their cause. I read a poem yesterday, which began "Du Gott der Deutschen," as if indeed the Deity were the especial property of the German Nation! Massacre, pillage, destruction, violation of territory, everything wicked God is supposed to bless!

What hideously distorted minds, and where is the sane, if prosaic Teuton of one's imaginings! I wake often in the morning and wonder if all that has happened here has not been a horrible nightmare—if it can be possible in the twentieth century that I, a woman, am a prisoner, and for no sin that one has committed. I cannot possibly get away without my passport. If I attempted to drive to the Rhine my fate might be that of the poor Russians who were shot the other day. In any case I could not leave Germany without my passport nor enter Dutch territory without permission from the Netherlands Consul at Frankfort.

It seems all hopeless and heartbreaking.

Dr. med. Wolfgang Schubert

August 20th. I rushed off immediately to the Polizei Amt and found it only too terribly true. W—— and Mr. S——, who tried to arrange for a steamer on the Rhine to take us away, have been arrested, and are being tried on a trumped-up charge of forgery , and the Company who were the go-betweens demand 3, marks because the boat came a certain distance down the river in order to embark us. I have one mark left! There is jubilation all over the town as the Germans have taken Belfort. August 21st.

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  8. They have been to a Nach Kur in Thuringia, and have had most alarming and unpleasant adventures coming back. However, being American their pains and penalties are nearly over. A special train is to take them and their compatriots to the Hague on Wednesday next. They go to the flesh-pots of Egypt, and we are left to eat manna in the wilderness!

    They can drive in the country, while we poor Britishers may not go outside the town, and oh! W—— told me a good tale of the chef of a Hotel here, who was obliged to obey his country's call and join the French forces. Is it best for me to let these cursed Germans make an end of me, or live to cook another day for my country?

    He was taken prisoner to his great relief, and now lies in Frankfort [29] prison where his German brother chef has visited him! The French of course are a brave nation, but I daresay the poor cook was more at home with his pots and pans than with bayonets and rifles! No papers!

    Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Scheidler

    Two men were put in prison yesterday for laughing at Germany. Two Russians were stopped in a motor car, and when arms were found upon them they were put up against a wall and shot.